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The Candle Tributes website is undergoing maintenance

Sorry, you are currently unable to light new candles. If you need to edit or remove an existing one, please contact who will do it for you. We hope to have this website back up and running in the new year and apologise for the inconvenience.

Many people who have suffered the loss of their baby need to remember the life that would have been, express their grief and acknowledge their loss. Our candle tribute lets you undertake an act of remembrance for your baby and also gives you an opportunity to remember other significant anniversaries or to make affirmations and dedications. Choose a short-burning candle, or light an eternal candle which you can visit at any time, and add a personal message or poem.

Although there is no charge to light a candle, please consider making a donation to support us. This will enable The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust to maintain your candle and ensure it continues to be a light of remembrance for eternity. You are very welcome to light a candle and we hope your candles help to bring you peace and give you a place of remembrance for your loss.