The 2011 adidas women’s challenge

Congratulations to ALL of our adidas Women’s Challenge runners, who joined Jill Ansell the EPT Fundraising Coordinator and Ruth Kirkpatrick,  EPT Training Coordinator and Helpline Operator, in Hyde Park on the 11th September 2011.

The weather was, on the whole, kind and if anything a little warm.  This year we had a slightly smaller team but they were no less committed and all enjoyed the race. Several popped along to see Julie Milan, one of our volunteers, who was on hand to offer pieces of flap jack, fruit and a well earned drink and grab the odd snapshot to remember the occasion by.

Adidas Women's Challenge runners

Our heartfelt thanks go to Melody Erb, Jill Ansell, Gaby Ansell, Christie Amobi, Amirah Capillaire, Joanna Pitman, Kate Pye, Nicole Devo, Becky Guile, Erin Murphy, Sheonaidh Johnston, Ruth Kirkpatrick  who chose The EPT, as their charity which means we benefited from £5 of their entrance fee and have also been seeking sponsorship and fundraising for us and 7 more, who chose to remain anonymous but kindly chose The EPT, as their charity which means we benefited from £5 of their entrance fee.

If you were there and running on behalf of the EPT, then send us your pictures and your story we’d love to publish you here on our fundraisers diary.

If you missed the adidas Women’s Challenge this year but think you might like to take part next, keep an eye on our events diary from the beginning of next year for our stop press news, when the application and entrance process opens.

In the meantime, we would like to thank our team again and wish them all as much or little time as they need to recover, after running in this amazing women only race and raising funds for The EPT and awareness of the condition.