The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust is 10 years old

To mark the achievements we have made during this time, we are delighted to bring you a special commemorative lapel pin badge.

We are also excited to bring you a new way to remember the life that would have been, to express your grief and to acknowledge your loss, with our Candle Tributes page.

Birthday Badge

If you would like a badge, we suggest a donation of £2 per pin. So why not make a donation for one for a friend, a member of your family and yourself? This is a great way to raise awareness of the Trust and let everyone know about the good work we are doing. Please send your cheque and request to our head office address or consider using our online donation facility.

We look forward to hearing from you and enjoy wearing your badge!

Candle Tribute

We are very excited to bring you an enhancement to the service, which we provide. Many people who have suffered the loss of their baby look to a way of remembering the life that would have been, to express their grief and to acknowledge their loss.

This candle tribute page gives you the opportunity to undertake an act of remembrance for your baby. You may choose between a short burning candle or create an eternal candle, which you can visit at any time. You can also add a personal message or poem.

Although there is no charge for lighting a candle, we ask you to consider making a small donation when you do so. We hope your candle helps to bring you peace and gives you a place of remembrance for your loss.