London Marathon 2013 Starts Here and More

Ballot opens (and probably closes) on Monday:  Read on for your best chance of securing a place in 2013. What an amazing achievement for our 5 Virgin London Marathon runners in 2012. Our grateful thanks goes to Catherine Mooney: 05:47:13 Carmen Norman: 04:52:14 Fola Olafare: 04:27:07 Tracy Rowson: 06:15:25 and Alexis Scorer: 04:26:01 and if you are looking for inspiration, those numbers next to their names is the time they ran it in. Huge congratulations to them all. If you would like to read about what motivated them or to sponsor them just click on those links. Your sponsorship will be put to very good use, delivering the EPT services. Hopefully, we’ll be adding their accounts to the Fundraisers’ Diary over the coming weeks. Reading about others achievements is often a real inspiration.

we want all our potential supporters to be ahead of the game. Mad though it might seem, if you or a friend are thinking about running the London Marathon in 2013 you have to think fast. You have three chances of a place. The first is by entering the public ballot, the second is through your own running club if you belong to one and the last is a Gold Bond charity place. So, first things first. If you think you would like to run in 2013 please make sure you enter the online Public Ballot. That way, we stand the chance of increasing our places in the race; and if you are then lucky enough to get a Ballot place, it will take the fundraising pressure off you.

The Ballot opens this year on MONDAY APRIL 30th at  Last year; it reached its upper entry limit within 24 hours, so to stand the best chance you should log on in the early hours of April 30. If not immediately successful, please keep trying throughout that day and even into May 1st, the longer you leave it into May 1st though, the less chance of being awarded a ballot place.

After May the 1st our Gold Bond places don’t become available until June. However, you can express your interest in one, by registering with our team managers CRunCH who will contact you toward the end of summer 2012 to offer places.

If a marathon is not for you, then there are still lots of ways you can help and support us, some of the them won’t actually cost you a penny. Use Everyclick as your search engine and we get a penny a click, eBay your extra stuff and nominate the EPT to benefit from a percentage of your sale, look us up on their select a charity list, shop through our partners Spend and Raise or Give As You Live or even, collect stamps for us. You can read more about that here. We also have a moderate amount of merchandise which you can check out here. Of course if you do fancy something sporty check out our events diary by visiting it here or clicking the events button on our website to the right of the screen.