London to Brighton Challenge a new event for 2012, open to anyone who can walk, run or jog

In this Olympic new year why not challenge yourself and raise valuable funds for the EPT.

We are now a charity partner to the 100km London2Brighton challenge which looks an amazing event taking place on 12-13th May. It really does look incredible and is being coined as a journey most will walk, some jog and a few hardened types may run it all or a mixture of all three.

What a feeling of excitement and anticipation you’ll get as you set off from London with your fellow challengers, they’ll be replenishment check points every 12km, hot meals will be provided finishing with a well earned brunch in Brighton you’ll certainly deserve this when you get your last burst of energy and your bleary eyes see the stunning coastline come into view.

Join individually or as a team whatever you choose make this your ultimate fundraising endurance challenge of 2012, the Olympic year.

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