4th Early Pregnancy Complication Conference – another sell out!

The 4th National Standing Conference on 23rd June ‘Management of Early Pregnancy Complications’ was again sold out and a resounding success.

Tom Bourne presented some recent data showing that current cut off values used to diagnose miscarriage should be used with caution and suggested a readjustment in the mean sac diameter (when the sac is empty) used to define miscarriage to 25 mm. He also illustrated how a lack of growth after a repeat scan in a gestation sac may also be associated with a viable pregnancy and should be interpreted with caution. The failure for embryonic structures to appear in a gestation sac after a repeat scan after 7 to 10 days is a poor prognostic sign. Osama Naji followed with a presentation on caesarean section scars.

Andrew Horne at the 4th Early Pregnancy Complication Conference

This was followed by the more informal workshop style presentations/ discussion to small groups, which have become a feature of this day. This year’s topics included:

  • Choosing the right management approach for ectopic pregnancy
  • PUL and CEMACE
  • Introduction to the National Ectopic Database nePul
  • Diagnosing miscarriage (do no harm)
  • Using ultrasound to diagnose both tubal and non tubal ectopic pregnancy
  • Psychological impacts of early pregnancy complications, who is at risk and how to manage them

The day concluded with a lecture on translational research in ectopic pregnancy from Dr Andrew Horne and questions to the panel session run by Professor Tom Bourne and Professor Nick Raine- Fenning.

Feedback from the delegates who attended on the day has been excellent. “..very thought provoking – thank you” “The day was well organised, efficiently managed and very informative. The management committee are to be commended for their open, friendly response to enquiries” and “very good conference I will be recommending it to my colleagues.” Was just some of the feedback we received.

The trustees of the EPT will meet again shortly and determine how we will progress the established educational opportunity for 2012. Make sure you keep in touch. Email leaflets@ectopic.org.uk and request you are placed on our contact database. And remember to register to receive our professional online magazine e-Topic Professional to keep ahead of what’s happening in early pregnancy medicine.