The EPT teams up with NHS Local West Midlands.

The EPT is pleased to have teamed up with NHS local in West Midlands, to provide them with detailed information about ectopic pregnancy for their website.

NHS local is a range of digital services that provide the West Midlands region with easy access to news, information, tools, support and services that help people manage their health, and further supports front-line healthcare workers deliver high-quality, innovative healthcare services.

One of the EPTs core aims is to raise awareness of the condition. Much has been achieved over the years, however there are still many gaps both amongst the general public and the medical profession. Therefore a collaboration such as this, provides the EPT with a really effective means of raising awareness of the condition for the people of the West Midlands. The website is very dynamic and seeks to create partnerships with patient groups linked to specific conditions. Other partners of NHS local include Cancer Research UK, Alzheimers Research UK and Asthma UK.

Visit NHS Local