Barry runs Albert Bartlett Edinburgh Marathon on 31st May 2009

Having run part of this marathon with colleagues as part of a relay team in 2008, I was keen to run again in 2009, however, this time I’m hoping to run the entire 26 miles on my own.

Having 2 young daughters at 20 months and 18 weeks, surfing the net is only something we can do in between babies nap times, one night while watching my wife tapping away on her laptop I asked what she was looking at and she mumbled the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust website, it struck me that it’s a website that she has regularly visited since 2005 when we suffered the loss of our first baby through Ectopic Pregnancy.

It was a very scary, traumatic and devastating time for us.  Having married in May 2005, we never expected to have any problems in starting our family and when Sonia announced her pregnancy in November we were ecstatic, however, things took an awful turn on the 6th Dec 2005 when she started bleeding heavily, the next few days were a blur of blood tests and terms we’d never heard of, HCG levels, EPU wards….   A week or so later, Sonia was taken to surgery and the surgeon removed our baby and one of her fallopian tubes.  We were absolutely devastated and thought our chances of conceiving again were severely diminished.

Fortunately for us 9 months later Sonia fell pregnant again, we were apprehensive throughout the whole pregnancy however were far better armed with information and were able to get early scans.  Imogen was born in June 2007 and Alannah followed 15 months later in October 2008.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust has got Sonia through some dark times, it’s given us invaluable information, both practical and medical, it has offered emotional support which Sonia has received from the many users of the forums who gave us hope when we thought there was none.   Even after the births of our daughters it is somewhere she still logs in to visit “old friends” and offer support to new ones.  The EPT has been such a big part of her life that I wanted to be able to give something back.  Financial support is the very best way of doing that as in supporting The Trust through donations, ensures their future for many more years to come.