Ed Runs The Flora London Marathon 2009

Ed runs the MarathonI discovered how serious an ectopic pregnancy can be when my wife experienced one in January 2008.

Abi was 12 weeks pregnant before the symptoms kicked in and she managed to get herself to hospital

– we didn’t even know she was pregnant!

Although I was in Iraq at the time, the Services managed to get me to her bedside some 19 hours later, just as she came round following surgery.  That was only the beginning.  What followed was extremely difficult – trying to understand, reason, make sense and fathom why us; or perhaps now knowing what we do, why shouldn’t it be us?  Whilst Abi was making this journey, I was disorientated having exchanged Iraq in hours and little notice for the UK and the bedside of my wife – I felt rather helpless.  Albeit, just being there for Abi during the two weeks that followed before returning to Iraq was priceless.

During this difficult time both Abi and I used the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust as a source of information.  Abi made contact with many other women in similar positions and drew some strength from this by knowing that she was, alas, very far from alone.  For me the EPT provided an insight to what had happened and indeed what it meant for the future.  Without this we would have been very much left in the dark and are eternally grateful to the Trust.  Indeed, we still refer to the EPT website for information – especially following a miscarriage in June 2008.  It was around this time, after a few therapeutic bottles of wine, Abi suggested I run for the Trust… Thankfully, Abi fell pregnant – third time lucky in 2008 – and we are expecting a girl in May 2009 to join our very lively three year old daughter.

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