Keri’s Epic 100k Challenge

Keri has gone through an amazing journey with this challenge and here she talks about her story.

“In April 2011 at 6 weeks pregnant I suddenly started to have excruciating pain and was taken to our local hospital with suspected miscarriage.  After a very uncomfortable night waiting for a scan, where even morphine wasn’t helping with pain relief, I was finally scanned in the morning and told that there was a strong likelihood that I had an ectopic pregnancy.  The sonographer couldn’t find the pregnancy in the womb and given that I had then begun to have shoulder tip pain and my pain was more localised to the left it was decided that I needed to go to Theatre immediately. 

After a very traumatic phone call to my Parents and Daughter, my husband was left to wait for 3 ½ hours whilst I was whisked to theatre.  A ruptured ectopic and internal bleeding was discovered and my left tube was removed.  The consultant told me afterwards that it was very severe and she’d only been an hour or two off not being able to save me.  It was a long recovery both physically and emotionally and the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust were there all the way, from support on the forums to the invaluable helpline who patiently answered so many questions.  The helpline operator gave my Husband and I the confidence to know how to support ourselves in early pregnancy, which in turn gave us the courage to try again for another baby.

It was because of this support that I decided I wanted to do something to raise funds for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and started to train to do a 10k run.  During the training I kept a log which reached 100k in June this year which got me to thinking.  If I’d done 100k already, could I possibly do another 100k as a Challenge between June and Christmas?  I started to plan in a series of ten 5k runs and five 10k runs to make up the challenge and after getting a running vest from the Ectopic trust set out upon my challenge.  Little did I know what a challenge it would become. 

The first couple of runs went well and my times were steadily improving.  I’d gone from not running at all in my adult life to suddenly embarking on the 100k challenge so I was pleased with any improvement.  It’s been a real family affair with my Husband joining in some of the runs and even our daughter entering the children’s races.  Then, at the end of July 40k in came the news we were least expecting! We were expecting! I couldn’t believe it, a little miracle.

I had a couple of very stressful 10k’s where we were aware that I was pregnant but too early for testing and so were worried about the risk of another ectopic but I soldiered on.  At 5 weeks Beta HCG blood tests, which our amazing GP organised, looked positive which was followed by a positive scan at 6 weeks showing a viable pregnancy which wasn’t ectopic and had a tiny little heartbeat too.

The GP advised I could still run up to 3 months as long as I felt capable so I have continued with my challenge and boy has it become a challenge.  I have suffered incredible nausea and sickness, losing weight as a result and so the runs have been tough and the times have slowed each race but the fundraising has gone up which is what really matters.

 As it stands with just 5k left to go and at 12 weeks pregnant I’m nearing my target of £750 so I’m hoping that as my little bit of news is announced this week it will encourage a final push to reach that target of much needed funds for a charity very close to our heart.”


If anyone wants to sponsor Keri her details are on Virgin Money Giving which allows your donation to go straight to the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.