Pictures and stories from the 2010 adidas Women’s Challenge

A montage of stories and photographs from the adidas Women’s Challenge, 5th September 2010.
adidas women’s challenge 2010

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It is now four days later, I am still on a high following the Adidas 5km! Since my ectopic in February I have become so reliant on the EPT forums and the support they offer that I wanted to give a something back to the Trust so signed up to take part in the event. What I hadn’t anticipated was what an emotional experience it would be finally meeting some of the lovely community of ladies I know only by online username! The walk (in my case!) gave me the opportunity to spend an hour chatting to somebody who truly understands what it is to go through an ectopic pregnancy, share our experiences and our hopes for the future. This was invaluable- and the fact that at the same time we were raising money to allow the EPT to continue its vital work made the time extra special. Thank you to all who played a part in such a memorable day.


It was an emotional experience meeting up with the EPT at Hyde Park. In a funny way I enjoyed it. I was thoroughly glad I attended and am so pleased with the money Ive raised so far…almost £300 and Im still collecting. I met some really lovely women and they gave me so much support and inspiration for the future. Meeting one lady in particular who had several children after an EP made me feel really positive. I will definately do it again next year and am planning on inviting some friends and more family along. Im going to look into more ways of fund raising and raising the profile of the EPT and I feel it is invaluable to those women who have gone through an EP. It was good to talk to women who have been through the same thing and who share the same hopes and fears. I found it incredibly comforting. I had suggested meeting up more often and hope that we can arrange a get together soon. Its nice to put a face to a name. I would recommend not only doing the 5K challenge but to also attend any other events the EPT are promoting as the people were so welcoming and friendly. So all in all Im really pleased that I attended.

Kitty x