Ruth Garner takes on the Thames Path Challenge

Ruth is walking the 50k Thames Path Challenge to raise funds for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. In her own words here is her story that has led her to embark on this fundraising journey.

” I never expected an ectopic pregnancy to be part of my story, but here I am having been through it twice in the space of a year. It is such a traumatic experience and I would have found the whole thing much harder if it hadn’t been for The EPT. The website was my life saver, when I wanted to find out information I could rely on being clear and helpful. Also, I can’t speak highly enough of the amazing forum. Not only did I get the chance to chat to other ladies, hear their stories and share encouragement and hopes for the future, but the forum hosts were always there, ready to answer any questions I had. This amazing level of support really carried me through, and for that I will always be grateful to the hard working volunteers at The EPT.”

 If you would like to sponsor Ruth please visit her: