Gemma takes on the Brighton 10k

Gemma Havey tells us her inspiring journey that led her to bravely signing up to take part in a 10k run.

“The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust was a great support to me after my ectopic in February 2014. It was the one place I could speak to others and get advice, it made me feel less alone.
A year in I decided that I wanted to raise awareness and raise some money for a fantastic charity.
So, I signed up for the Brighton 10k knowing that I couldn’t really run and I wasn’t very fit.
Friends and family were happy to sponsor me and I raised close to £300.
The race was a struggle and I was quite slow but it was a huge achievement for me. The atmosphere was amazing and it was quite an emotional journey. The support was fantastic and through talking to people, some recognised that it was a great charity others hadn’t heard of ectopics.
I felt like I achieved both of my goals; to raise money and awareness!

Now I want to run again and beat my time. In myself I’m feeling happier and healthier. So as well as helping others by supporting the charity I have been able to feel better about me.”

Gemma2 GemmaHappily wearing a well deserved medal!