Hayley’s Amazing Fundraising Night

Hayley has recently arranged and hosted a really brilliant night out at her local pub and in doing so has really raised the awareness of the ectopic condition among her friends and in her local area and raised a truly huge amount of £1,735.60! Please read Hayley’s account,  live mouse racing was a new one to me!

“My fundraising event involved a good night out at the local!

In the weeks up to it I worked hard selling raffle tickets to all family friends and whoever I could corner, I also contacted all businesses, clubs etc to ask for kind donations I had fantastic support!

On the night we sold more raffle tickets, I also filled a jar with jelly beans so people could guess the amount for a £1 a go! We had live mouse racing which everyone really enjoyed! Followed by the raffle and auction!

We then had a disco to finish the night off.

I am so proud of myself as the night was a great success the amazing support I had from all family and friends and businesses was amazing! I have been over whelmed with support. The stress was defiantly worth it!
Organising the event gave me something to focus on after I had been through a horrific time which nearly caused me to loose my life 2 days before my little girls 3rd birthday! I hope I have also made awareness of ectopic pregnancy to people in my area and I also found it amazing how many people have been through it or knew someone that had. People don’t talk about it enough.
I’m glad to of raised money for a fantastic cause and also for the ward I was on as if it wasn’t for there care I would not be here!”

Thank you so much to Hayley for all her fantastic efforts, if this has inspired you to help please contact me at fundraising.coordinator@ectopic.org.uk