Huge congratulations to all our 2010 Marathon Heroines and Heroes

Well done and to:

Catherine Hudson, Amanda Jayne Barsby, Elizabeth Dabborn, Lucy Day, Penelope Graveney, Alan Hulme, Tom Wilkinson, Leon Jones, Rebecca Hunter, Ben Arnold Lane, Gillian Law, Sally Ann Silver, Jonathan Zeffert (AKA Tinky Winky attempting a Guinness Book Record) Julia Jane Bennett, Mark Johnson and Bill Hennessy

We send you our thanks. Please join with us in congratulating them all on finishing the Marathon and in thanking them for their efforts on our behalf. Hopefully they are recovering from Sunday’s exertions and have some great memories of their participation in the world’s greatest running – and charitable fundraising – event.

VLM 2011: if you or someone you know, is interested in Taking part in the VLM 2011 on behalf of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, we advise you apply for a ballot place first. Unfortunately the ballot is normally closed by May. However, it’s always worth logging in to the official London Marathon Website as soon as you decide you’d like a place, just to check what their current availability might be.

The London Marathon places which the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust can offer as a guaranteed place are called gold bond places and are few but always worth applying for. They are managed by our clearing house and you can register your interest in the 2011 race by visiting the CRunCH website and completing an online application there from June 1st 2010.