Isabel’s Amazing Marathon Experience

Isabel tells us her fantastic and inspiring marathon journey, well done Isabel.

“Well….I did it!! What an amazing, incredible experience! I ran 26.2 miles in 5 hours and 26 minutes (although I like to think it was 5.11 as I had to stop and queue for the loo at mile 2!).
The start in Greenwich park was fantastic – everyone was so friendly and whilst queuing to start people shared stories of why they were doing this crazy thing! Everyone I met was doing it for charity.

The first half felt really good – I saw my family and friends at various points along the way -which is a godsend. It is so uplifting as a runner to see people you know. Really lifts the spirits!

Running over Tower Bridge is very emotional – looking up and seeing the bridge above you and looking across London – wow!

After 13 miles it is a long pull to Mudchute and the pain in my knees was really kicking in!

Miles 17 – 21 were hard. That’s all I’m going to say about that!
Then I saw my husband and my girls and felt like I could go the distance. After salty hugs and kisses and a handful of jelly babies I was off again.

When I saw Big Ben in the distance I knew I was nearly there. The crowds are just incredible – calling out your name and spurring you on. As I got closer to the big clock I thought – this is it – I’m going to do this (there was no way I wasn’t going to do it!). I shed a few tears knowing the end was so close.

When I turned the corner onto the mall it made my hairs stand on end. It’s up there with having children and getting married – one of the most inspiring, emotionally charged days of my life.

Crossing that finish line made me realise my own strength – I had done it. There had been a few moments that had really tested me but I got through them and am proud to say I have run the London Marathon!”

Thank you so much Isabel and all our gold bond runners if you feel inspired do get in touch and we can give you details for next years marathon or if you want to sponsor any of this years runners that would be amazing.

Our grateful thanks goes to Katie Barwell: 04:48:53 Abigail Hamilton: 05:39:26 Tracky Crombie: 04:37:05 Steven Osmond: 04:13:12 Is Tabraham: 05:26:01 Wendi Jacks: 04:51:31 Dan Pearce:03:21:16


Two very proud girls of their mummy