Kieron and Laura’s London Marathon Story 2014

The London Marathon 2104 Kieron & Laura’s story.

“It was an evening in late July 2013 and Laura suggested I run the London Marathon for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust- ‘where do I sign up?’…

In June 2013 we were delighted to find out that Laura was expecting our first baby. However, Laura soon started to experience bleeding and at 6 weeks went for a scan at our local early pregnancy unit, who told us that there was no baby and Laura was having a miscarriage. We were devastated. 3 weeks later, Laura visited the hospital again for a check-up. To our complete surprise, the scan showed that there was a baby, but it was growing in Laura’s right fallopian tube. The hours that followed were a blur- she was rushed into surgery and we waited painfully to hear how the operation had gone. As she was over 9 weeks pregnant and the baby had continued to grow in her fallopian tube, the surgeon had no option but to remove the baby and her affected tube. I remember waiting for her to come round from surgery, devastated by what we had lost, and knowing that the news would shatter her as we had wanted to start a family for so long. She was crushed and the weeks that followed were incredibly difficult, but with support from friends and family, and endless trips to the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust website, we came through the other side.

Two weeks after her operation came the suggestion that I run the London Marathon to raise awareness and funds for the EPT. After our experiences, it was a no-brainer and I contacted the charity straight away and signed up.
Now, I’ve always liked the occasional run, but I’m no runner, and after a few weeks the enormity of what I’d signed up for became evident. 26.2 miles? I’d better get training! So for the next 8 months I trained, and I trained hard. Luckily the winter was mild and I was able to follow a strict training plan in the months leading up to 13th April. I ran in as many local races and half marathons as possible to prepare myself.

The day of the race soon came round. It was a beautiful day in London and the atmosphere was electric. I’ve always watched the London Marathon on TV, but to be there, amongst it all, was an experience I’ll never forget. At 10.11am I was through the start line and my marathon journey began. The first 20 miles weren’t too bad as I had trained for this distance and so was relatively comfortable running this far. I had Laura, my mum and my stepdad situated at different points around the course to spur me on if things got tough, but by 21 miles I had hit the wall. The final 5.2 miles were tough but the motivating crowd spurred me on, as well as thinking about the reason behind why I was running the marathon and how much it meant to us. Somehow I made it to the end, with a time of 4 hrs 11 mins 34 seconds, which I was really chuffed with.

Fundraising for the marathon helped us to raise over £2000 for the EPT, which we’re incredibly proud of. And, something very special also happened during this time- Laura is currently 22 weeks pregnant and we are over-the-moon! The last 12 months really have been an emotional rollercoaster, but our story proves that there can be happy endings after an ectopic pregnancy, however unreachable they may seem.”

We at The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust would also like to thank Kieron and Laura for sharing their incredibly moving experience and journey and to thank them for raising a staggering £2,236.75 for us and finally to pass on our huge congratulations to them both for their very happy news.

Kieron and Laura
Well deserved medal!