Kirsty’s “beat the clock” Half Marathon

This is Kirsty and her husband on their half marathon day in their “beat the clock” T-shirts as they ran it under 3 hours ! They did amazingly well and ran the half marathon in 2 hours 30 which Kirsty said was hard considering it was 23 degrees on the day.
At the 10 mile point poor Kirsty was sick and had to stop, saying it was a combination of emotion and heat exhaustion. Luckily one of the lovely stewards picked her up and asked her why she was doing this.  To which Kirsty replied “there is  nothing more painful than losing a child and I have lost two and both Fallopian tubes and can no longer have children.” The 13 miles were tough for Kirsty but her sheer determination has raised awareness and valuable funds which will help other women and their families.

Thank you so much Kirsty.

Kirsty and her husband in "beat the clock" half marathon