Rebekah’s Sponsored Walk

Rebekah arranged this sponsored walk from Hunslet to Kirkstall Abbey with her friends and family raising over £1000 which is just fantastic.

Rebekah said;

“It was a red hot day we set off at 9 and the walk took three and half hours.  It was lots of fun and we saw lots of people who asked lots of questions when they saw our t shirts.  By the end of the walk we were all very tired but I have never felt so proud of myself my family and friends.  It was hard work but well worth the effort for such an amazing cause and I thank the trust for giving me the opportunity to do something so worthwhile.”

We thank you Rebekah and all your friends and family for embarking on this challenge and massively raising awareness, not only with the walk but also with the newspaper articles highlighting Becky and her partners terrible ordeal.

Yorkshire Post


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