Robbie Stepney: Colchester Half Marathon



Back in December just before Christmas I read an article about a half marathon event taking place in our home town of Colchester on March 11th. It was the nudge I needed and I promptly paid my entrance fee and bought a new pair of trainers.

My 19 year old son Jay (he’s on the left in the picture) who is a personal trainer said that he’d do the run with me for moral support. My wife Nicky had suffered 2 ectopic pregnancies in 2010 resulting in both of her fallopian tubes being removed. In times of crisis you look for support to try to make sense of what’s happened and through some web research we found the the EPT site. They were and continue to be real source of both education and support to us. I knew that I wanted to do something for them to raise some funds. Let’s be frank about it, unless either you or someone you know has been through this the EPT are not one of the “headline” charities that are on everyone’s radar. So, I’d encourage everybody who has been touched by ectopic pregnancy to think about what they can do however small to raise much needed funds. My training has gone well and today as I write this I’ve just come back from my longest run so far a 10 miler. Bit sore to say the least but I now know if I can do 10, I can definitely do 13.5.

Running does not come easy to me as although I always keep in shape with the gym etc running is a challenge as a couple of years ago I sustained permanent nerve damage to my left leg as a result of poor treatment following an ankle break. However, compared to what Nicky went through my

13.5 miles will be a walk in the park, even if it doesn’t feel that way on the day. The fundraising has been great and we’re over £500 already with a few weeks still to go. I’ll let you all know how I get on and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jill and the team for their considerable support to our charity event- it’s good to know that what we’re doing really will make a difference.

If you’d like to support Robbie by sponsoring him, visit his fundraising page