Don’t throw away your stamps, they could fund our helpline.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust collects stamps and we are very fortunate to have a volunteer who coordinates this for us.

This can be a very profitable way of raising funds for a charity, so before you throw those envelopes in the bin when your post arrives,  remember to cut off the stamps! It only takes a few seconds, and if you keep a used envelope in a handy place you can pop your trimmed stamps in there until you have a quantity to send to us.

You could also make it your job to coordinate collections from among your family, friends and work colleagues. If you feel a little more ambitious, perhaps approach local businesses too? Drop us a line to find out about a letter of authorisation to collect stamps on our behalf, which you can show to local businesses and your employer.

For those of you that can help, here’s a quick checklist:

  • Stamps from anywhere in the world are valid so long as they are still in one piece with no rips, tears or pieces missing.
  • Ideally the stamps should be mounted on single sheet paper, so please cut your stamp from your envelope on a single thickness of the envelope.
  • The stamps need to be trimmed to around 1/4inch from the edge of the paper to the stamp perforations – trimmed any closer are accepted but not always ideal. See the photo example:
  • Collect your stamps and when you have around a kilogram, contact us to find out what to do next.

Stamps do not need to be sorted in anyway – just send them all together in the same envelope, regardless of where they are from.

Remember, even if you only collect one or two stamps a week – it all mounts up – imagine how many we would have if everyone collected a few stamps a week!

If you think you can help us by collecting stamps and want to know more or if you’d just like to now where to send your stamps now you have collected them, drop us a line and Shelly who coordinates all this for us, will get back to you.