Support over the Seasonal Holidays


This time of year can be tough for those who are dealing with grief.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust works hard to ensure there is support for anyone coping over the holiday period with loss as a result of ectopic and early pregnancy loss.

Here is some essential information for those looking for support over the holiday season:

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust Forums/Message boards will be available throughout the holiday period.

The Helpline will not be able to return your call between the 23rd December and 3rd  January 2012. If you have a query that can wait until then, leave a message at any time over the holidays on the 24 hour answering service, with a name and contact telephone number,  and your call will be returned on/or shortly after the 3rd  January. Please remember to speak clearly after the tone.

If you need health advice, or have concerns about symptoms you are experiencing and need to talk to a health professional over the holiday period, you have a range of options:

Sometimes people just need to talk. You are never ever alone and there is someone to listen to you day or night at the Samaritans. You can phone, email or write. One of the most common reasons people call them is because of a loss, including loss through bereavement.

Whatever you are doing this holiday time, we hope the season is very gentle on you and that 2012 is a  year which is both happy and prosperous for us all.