Volunteers help to raise awareness of ectopic pregnancy, on NHS Choices website.

The EPT relies completely on donations and especially donations of time.  Without the generosity of the people who support us, we would never be able to fulfil our mission of raising awareness but thanks to people Like Jackie Ross, one of our medical advisors and Katharine Bird, a volunteer, when we were contacted by a Associate Producer of a TV company, who’d been commissioned to produce a short film on ectopic pregnancy for nhs Choices, we were in a position to say yes.

Jackie and Katherine were filmed a few weeks after they’d agreed to help and the end result is a very informative film for people looking for information on ectopic pregnancy on the nhs Choices website.

Not all volunteer roles involve people being interviewed of course, we need people to do all sorts of things and if you think you might want to help at some future point, it’s always worth completing a volunteer interest form and sending it back to us. If you are interested there’s more information here and you can download the interest from directly from the page and then by keeping an eye on our vacancies page you’ll be able to see if there’s anything we are doing at the moment which interests you.

There’s always room for one more volunteer.

If the video doesn’t play straight away – you can cut and paste the address to your browser.