Your Views Sought on EPT Patient Forum Concept

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust seeks your views on the idea of holding Patient Forum events.  We would be very grateful if you could spare a few moments on a very short survey to gather your thoughts – completing it won’t take more than a minute!

As background, we are looking at establishing two events per year where women and their families who have experienced ectopic pregnancy or an early pregnancy complication (such as a Pregnancy of Unknown Location) have access to a face to face forum. The idea would be to create an event where women/their families can ask medical professionals questions that are on their minds or reach out to others who have been through a similar experience to share stories and gain mutual support including from the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust’s team.

This survey is for us to find out whether this would be worthwhile and to get an idea of the type of content and format of the events. We would be grateful if you could spare a few moments to provide us with your thoughts on this opportunity. Thank you in advance for participating in our survey.