Research Developments

The EPT presents the patients’ feedback about where research should be explored around the condition of ectopic pregnancy.

The National Institute of Health Research has been established to provide the NHS with the support and infrastructure to conduct research funded by the Government and its partners.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) have established the National Reproductive Research Network, consisting of eleven groups called Clinical Study Groups. The Early Pregnancy Clinical Study Group (CSG) is one of the eleven groups, and it is led by Davor Jurkovic. The executive board consists of doctors and nurses interested in early pregnancy research and lay members, including Helen Wilkinson, the director of the EPT.

The remit of the group includes identifying research priorities, agreeing the development of a portfolio of early pregnancy trials and support of funding applications. The group will welcome and assess proposals for clinical trials from individual researchers and advise on their clinical and scientific merits.

Helen Wilkinson was asked to present at the open forum of this group in October 2010. She was asked to look at ‘Research from a Patient’s Perspective’. A copy of the research is shown here. The presentation was well received by the group and a commitment given to ensure the issues raised would be included in the priority setting. Early Pregnancy Clinical Study Group Presentation by the EPT