predicting outcomes of intrauterine pregnancies of uncertain viability.

EPT medical advisors and other experts in the field publish their paper: “A model and scoring system to predict outcome of intrauterine pregnancies of uncertain viability.”

The work, contributed to by: C. Bottomley, V. Van Belle, A. Pexsters, A. T. Papageorghiou, F. Mukri, E. Kirk, S. Van Huffel, D. Timmerman  and T. Bourne undertook research, which was supported by Research Council KUL (GOAAMBioRICS, EF/05/006); the Flemish Government (FWO: G.0341.07); IWT-TBM 070706-IOTA3 and DWTC (IUAP P6/04) and V. Van Belle was supported by a post doctoral grant from K U Leuven, is published online by: by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd in Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2011; 37: 588 – 595 and concludes that “when early pregnancy viability cannot be established immediately with ultrasound, use of either a logistic regression model or a scoring system allows an individualised prediction of first-trimester outcome.”