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by Rainbow11
Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:07 pm
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Topic: Feeling helpless, guilty and lost
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Re: Feeling helpless, guilty and lost

Hi, I just wanted to leave you a message of support. I have also just had my 2nd ectopic and have had previous miscarriages in the past. It’s just heartbreaking. What your feeling is totally normal. I have felt exactly the same emotions you describe. Please don’t feel guilty because your recovering ...
by Rainbow11
Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:33 pm
Forum: Main Board
Topic: 2nd eptopic pregnancy
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Re: 2nd eptopic pregnancy

Hi ladies, I’m new here but wanted to share my story as it feels so lonely going through an ectopic let alone twice. I’m so sorry for your losses I have just had my 2nd ectopic. The first one resulted in emergency surgery in Sept 2019 and loosing my left tube. We tried again and just as I was loosin...