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Struggling back at work

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Struggling back at work

Post by jharts »


I have recently experience ectopic with the removal of my right tube.

Just wondering if anyone struggled back to work?
I’ve had 2.5 weeks off and because I work in an office I thought it might be better to get me back around people, as soon as I walked in I had abit of a breakdown and had to go home.

Has anyone else found the transition back hard?

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Re: Struggling back at work

Post by Src »

Hey, I’m due back next week. I was signed off for 6 by the surgeon.
I think I’m going to start on reduced hours. Would find the day too long as still recovering plus the mental side.

I’m not surprised you feel emotional. Can you meet with your boss or HR to discuss your hours? And maybe take some extra time off or do less hours? It’s quite soon that you have returned. I totally get that you think people around you will help though and it probably does but maybe just a few hours a day and then build it up?

Hope you are ok and feeling better after your surgery. A truly tough time hey. Xx

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Re: Struggling back at work

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear jharts,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss,
Surgery is an immense ordeal for the body to go through. In general, after about six weeks you should be able to return to most jobs from a physical point of view. However, if your role involves manual handling, we suggest that it would be sensible to have a phased approach, gently building up to the usual extent of activity. I would suggest avoiding a rapid return to strenuous activities as it is important to build up strength after recovery.
A few options may be available depending on the role: might there be an opportunity to work reduced hours, increasing them slowly over a few weeks? Perhaps there are certain tasks that you could take on which may entail a change from your usual role or a series of reduced tasks initially? I am not sure whether this is appropriate in your circumstances, but is there anything that you could action from home (which may be different from your usual role but still be of use)?
Many women experience pain after surgery and this can be the case weeks or months after the trauma. Pain is the body's sign to rest and it is important to be guided by this and taking it easier if you experience discomfort.
In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that experiencing ectopic pregnancy is a very frightening experience and many women need to take time to help them deal with the psychological/emotional impact of the loss of their baby, being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition and undergoing major surgery. Please speak to your GP about having further time off work if required.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: Struggling back at work

Post by Charlyg »

Hi there,
So sorry for your loss. I too experienced an ectopic and received surgery two weeks today to remove my right tube. Some days I feel fine and other days very emotional, the longing for a family is so strong at times 😞 I am due back to work tomo as a community carer and I’m starting to panic about how I will feel, not only emotionally but physically too. I have developed an infection in one of the incisions and I am currently on antibiotics. I feel like people have stopped asking how I am and that we should just be fine. Hope you have people that you can talk too x

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