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Ectopic Pregnancy & COVID19 experiences

This is a welcoming place for you to ask your questions and share your knowledge and experiences of ectopic pregnancy.
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Re: Ectopic Pregnancy & COVID19 experiences

Post by KeeleyE »

I collapsed in pain on a Monday in March. I was sent to the sexual health clinic by 111! They told me I was pregnant. I had no pregnancy symptoms at all and had had two periods. I then started bleeding, They sent me to A&E with a suspected ectopic. When I got to A&E they did another two pregnancy tests and then told me to go home as it was probably a miscarriage as if it was ectopic I would be in much more pain. They mad a referral to early pregnancy. I'd been terribly pale for weeks and I told them this. Early pregnancy called me the next morning but were too busy to see me. I begged them to see me as I was in agony and had been up all night and. They are only open from 9-12 and so said they couldn't. When I went to early pregnancy another 24 hours later I had to go in alone and my husband had to wait outside. They then told me alone that I had a ruptured ectopic and 200ml of blood in my pelvis and that I wouldn't make it another 24 hours without emergency surgery. Fortunately, a nurse took pity on me and let me and my husband wait in a prayer room as I then had to wait 6 hours to go to theatre. They then took me off. It was heart-breaking saying goodbye to my husband in the corridor. He wasn't allowed back, even to bring me clothes or a charger for my phone. After surgery I was then taken to just a surgical ward (not a gynaecology ward). They didn't know how to deal with me. Very inappropriately a male came in and asked to shower me in the morning. They then continually asked me if I was breast feeding and whether I was pregnant. In the end I just pulled the sheet away and pointed to my drain and theatre wound. They then bladder scanned me approximately 6 ties but failed to cover the wound and so the scan gel kept getting in the wound and was obviously stinging like [heck] from the open wound.

I am a domestic abuse lawyer and at no stage did anyone ask me about how things were at home or who I was going home to. They didn't even see me off the ward when I was discharged I was just let go to find my husband in the carpark.

Al of above was obviously not helped by Covid but changes need to be made.

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Re: Ectopic Pregnancy & COVID19 experiences

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What can I say...... Due to covid and not being able to actually get an appointment with a doctor... My severe pain went from... Possible appendicitis to pelvic inflammatory disease this was by telephone consultations, then 3 weeks after the pain had started I was finally told I had an ectopic pregnancy and my tube had completely ruptured.... I was then given an option of 'go home and see what happens!!!' or surgery to remove the pregnancy. Obviously I opted for the removal because I had spent so long in pain I just needed it to go away. The pregnancy was a complete shock as we werent trying. All the time I was alone, my partner not allowed to be with me... But in fairness he was doing great with our other two children who were worried about their mum. I cannot fault the doctors who prepared me for surgery (first surgery I have ever had) and the aftercare, however I wasn't given any information on what to expect when I was discharged. Still to this day I get alot of pain on the right side especially when I am due on it feels very strange and I can't touch my side sometimes without it hurting... I just refuse to go to my doctors again after the 'misdiagnosis' twice!!!! Covid brought nothing but distrust for me now when it comes to my doctors... All I think is what if I never took myself to A & E and just opted for antibiotics for pelvic inflammatory disease!?!

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