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Struggling with pain 2 years after ectopic

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Struggling with pain 2 years after ectopic

Post by pieface »

Hi all,

I had an ectopic pregnancy in February 2015 which ended in emergency surgery and the removal of my left fallopian tube, which was starting to rupture.

At the time it seemed like everything healed really well. I found afterwards that when I was on my period I had a lot of pain, and also when I ovulated, but in between these times I was more or less back to normal by around May/June and so we decided to try for another pregnancy. I ended up getting pregnant again very quickly, in July 2015. My daughter was born in March 2016. On the whole I had a very straightforward pregnancy, although I did have some abdominal pain, especially on the side where my tube had been removed, and especially in the first trimester.

Since my daughter was born I have found that the terrible pain during my periods has come back, as has the ovulation pain. Every month it feels like the ectopic is happening all over again - it is absolute agony in my left side where my tube used to be. Over the past couple of months the pain has been occurring more and more frequently, not just when I'm on my period or ovulating, and now it seems to be there most days. I have tried talking to the GP about it but they just say that as I'm not pregnant and my recent smear test came back all clear they can't do anything about it and I should just wait for it to go away.

Has anyone else experienced pain this long after surgery? It's been over 2 years! I don't know what to do about it.

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Re: Struggling with pain 2 years after ectopic

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear pieface,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss and your continued pain.

Experiencing some pain after an ectopic pregnancy is normal as your body has been through a great deal over the last few months. The pain may be due to adhesions (scar tissue that binds two parts of the body together) which form and take some time to settle. Your body may be preparing to ovulate and many women experience ovulation pain when they did not before their ectopic pregnancy - including myself. You also may have a heightened perception because of the sad loss that you have had to go through.
However, as you have been experiencing ongoing pain, I would advise seeking medical advice again and perhaps try a different GP in your surgery. Ensure you inform them that the pain is worsening and that you would like to be investigated further.
I would suggest keeping a pain diary noting when the pain appears, especially in relation to you periods, the intensity on a scale of 0-10 and anything that helps the pain eg resting, hot water bottle, paracetamol etc. Visiting your doctors with this information helps them to assess how best to manage your symptoms.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: Struggling with pain 2 years after ectopic

Post by Savi »

Hi, I had an ectopic pregnancy 2 months ago and my left tube was removed as well. I do have the same throbbing sharp pain that you describe when I ovulate or on my period. Did you ever figure out what was wrong?

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Re: Struggling with pain 2 years after ectopic

Post by Pippi »

I'm also struggling with pain after my ectopic 3 months ago. I had my right tube removed and my right ovary raptured but was able to save it. Pain is at its worse for me when I ovulate and when I have my period. I've gone to Go and a couple of obgyn and not getting much help. I have now started seeing a clinical physio. I'm hoping it's just scar tissue that's causing the pain.

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Re: Struggling with pain 2 years after ectopic

Post by Lisyloo725 »

Heya - I’m so sorry for your loss but it was also nice to read of your happy new to have a little girl.
Even before this ectopic earlier this week I have had terrible pain in my whole abdomen around the time of ovulation - where every footstep hurt and sitting down I’d have to do carefully so as not to jolt myself. The solution I was offered was ‘not to ovulate’ - is. go on a pill/injection that prevented ovulation. Then it would be solved.
I haven’t because I want another child - but it’s definitely something I’ll consider if/when I’ve had the baby I’m trying to get at the moment.
Maybe it can help you?

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Re: Struggling with pain 2 years after ectopic

Post by Melissa_11 »

It has been two years unfortunately since I had the ectopic pregnancy and also lost a tube, this year my periods have definitely been more painful and ovulating I don't know why but last month was the really painful one

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