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Heart is broken...

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 4:19 pm

Hi Toni,

Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply. Time is flying by.

I am 35 weeks tomorrow and finishing work next week which is crazy. I see the midwife tomorrow too so hopefully all is ok.

I saw the consultant after our last message and they were really good. He said more than happy for me to try a natural birth if baby is head down so they are going to scan me at 38 weeks to check and put a plan in place for that or for a c-section if not. Last time I saw the midwife though she said she was sure baby was head down and I’ve been getting what feels like kicks near my ribs so I’m really hopeful.

Sorry to hear Arielle wasn’t well, it’s so awful to see them poorly and such a worry too. I hope she’s much better now. Have you seen the peditrician yet? She’s always been little so hopefully it’s just that, if she’s eating and we’ll in herself it’s just normal for her I’m sure.

That’s good news on the nursery. I will keep my fingers crossed she can start there in January.

It must be Arielles birthday soon? Is it next week? I remember you going quite overdue with her. Are you doing anything nice for her birthday?

Poppy is much better now. She started waking up at night after being unwell and wasn’t going back to sleep for 2-3 hours which was so hard. She’s settled again now but she’s waking up at 5am now and I’m worried that when the clocks go back it will be even earlier. Hopefully if we put her to bed later then that will help. I am not sure I can manage getting up with her at 4/5am after doing all the night feeds as my husband will be at work.

Anyway. Hope you are all ok and speak soon. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat Oct 26, 2019 6:47 pm

Hey Nicola, no worries I know you have got so much on. Sorry I'm only replying to this now myself as I only came on here last night and read your message.

So going by the date you wrote Ur last message you must be 37 weeks preg now and just started Ur maternity leave.

Wow it seems to have flown by with Ur pregnancy... How are you feeling? How was Ur last day at work?

How did your last midwife appointment go? How's u? Bubba and Poppy?

I know ul still be looking after Poppy but I hope you can get more rest now Ur in leave.

Oh that's great news they are saying that you may be able to have natural birth and that Ur baby's head is down. I really hope you are able to. That's a great sign Ur feeling baby's feet in Ur ribs, i know it's uncomfortable. But I remember having that with Elle towards last few weeks of my pregnancy.

Fingers crossed for you, let me know how you are.. when is Ur due date?

I'm going to send this msg in parts to you coz I sent you a long reply n it wouldn't send so I'm sending it in small parts instead n also Elle is lively n jumping over me.. so il continue my reply in a bit....
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat Oct 26, 2019 7:10 pm

Thank u re Arielle, she is a lot better now. She did get a cold and cough since I write my last msg but she didn't get a temperature with it this time and is better now.

We have had a letter for her to see a pedestrian but it's 3 months away not until 27th January is ages away.

She is eating a lot better & still tiny but I think she's gained a little bit of weight. She's been pooing most days for past 2 wks and even went 6 days In a row is really good for her. I think it's coz she's started to eat bit more.

She still has her meds reg twice a day for it coz it still hurts her to go.
Yesterday n day before she was in pain most of the day with constipation and both days she pooed 5 times small amounts n cause of it last night I couldn't put her to bed til 11pm she was asleep. It wears her out n affects her eating wen it's so constant n painful for her.

So I online given her meds once today coz it's too much how she's been going do much last two days. She's been a lot better today n still managed to go once but it still hurt her to go.

I think I'm going to take her back to docs about it coz its too low to just wait 3 months til she sees a pedestrian n I think she may need another medicine sling with the I've she's taken coz even thou it helps her she's still been in too much pain with it...
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat Oct 26, 2019 8:39 pm

Plus it's been since August now I first went docs about it I think n I been keeping a poo diary for her since then too.

Yea I hope Ur right that Elle is just naturally small is all it is. But I do still worry re her weight sometimes but try not to.

Thanks I do still hope Elle can start Nursery in January but she has to be potty trained n I'm am trying with her but it's hard when she's constipated she don't want to sit on it.

But like today she's been ok so shel sit on it if I give her stickers or a chocolate & let her look at books or watch the TV or my tablet whilst on the potty.
But she does not go when she needs to go n panics n goes gets a nappy for me to put on her. It's like she gets scared wen she needs to go n won't sit on the potty then..
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:57 pm

She can hold it for so long n gets upset n freaks out if u try to put her on the potty wen you can see she needs to go.

If she's not ready to go in Jan coz of potty training hopefully shel be able to start bit later like the next term in April.

I haven't started looking for work yet coz I can't work until Elle's at nursery so I'm trying to concentrate on potty training her. Plus I can't send her to nursery with bad constipation, coz web she's in pain she crys n wants to be held.

Hopefully it will all work it's self out coz even if she was to start at nursery for 15 hrs per week, I would get the funding for that. It wouldn't affect me not working straight away then to get Arielle 30 hrs funding... n would give her time to settle in...
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:03 pm

Hi Toni and everyone else on the thread,

You have seen that Tommy arrived on 4th November (the time has flown by) and he’s now 9 weeks. I got my natural birth too. It was so hard as I was in labour for 24 hours but only allowed to actively push for two hours because of my c-section so ended up having an episiotomy to get him out as he was stuck. I wasn’t even allowed gas and air as they were trying to get me to focus on the pushing. It was so hard but he was worth it and weighed a whopping 9lb 4oz and he was 2 weeks early!

He wasn’t very well a few weeks back and ended up in hospital on oxygen and a feeding tube as he got a bad cold and being so little was struggling to fight it, thankfully he’s doing really well now.

How’s Arielle doing? I saw she started nursery. Have you had any luck with a job? I bet it’s really weird being away from her isn’t it?. Is she doing ok with the potty training?

I hope you are doing ok. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, I don’t know where the days go. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:03 am

Hey Nicola, sorry for late reply. I haven't been on here for while. I knew you had had a really tough labour and birth with your baby Tommy but I didn't realize you weren't even allowed gas & air. That must of been so hard for you. I'm so glad Tommy is here now and well. I hope your feeling more healed now.

How are things with you & Tommy & Poppy. It must be lovely having two babies so close in age but really hard too.

I'm so sorry to hear Tommy was in hospital before, poor baby. I'm so glad he's a lot better now. It mustive been really emotional for you.

Arielle is doing well thanks, she has a cold & cough which she's had for couple weeks which I think she got from nursery & we all have now. Its taking ages to go. I think I may take her docs next week if her cough don't go as it affects her more at night n iv been giving her cough medicine last few days.

She's enjoying nursery & settled in quite quickly I think.. She's been there 4 weeks now. It was hard at the beginning but it was more her first day there, cause even thou I stayed about 20 minutes with her til she was OK and playing with playdough with her teacher, n I felt bit lost wen I left her and couldn't wait til I collected her. But it was hard wen I collected her cause she had been crying for a while when I arrived & I gave her a big hug & she was clinging to me for a while & crying in my arms for while so it took a while to calm her down n I felt bad for having left her there.

But since she's adjusted really well there n enjoys it. She always says she doesn't want to go in the morning's but she's stopped crying when I leave her n her teachers tell me how she's been fine there n I can tell she's more confident there n happy when I come back for her. She always makes me Carry her into nursery but she goes to her teacher so that's reasurring for me.

She's only there for 3 hrs n it takes a while to walk there so I only have about 2 hrs at home before I collect her. It goes fast cause I'm usually tidying up, going shopping n going post office for my bf cause he has a second job where he sells blue rays from home so always getting me to post them there when he's at work.

It is nice to have little time to myself n reasurring knowing Elle enjoys nursery. I have started looking for jobs but haven't found one yet. I need to find one to fit around Elle's nursery hrs n term time only. She does 15 hrs per week there now but can do 30 hrs wen I'm working. So hopefully I'll find a job t start by April so then I would be able to get 30 hrs funding for it then as April is next time you can get 30 hrs nursery funding.

Elle's doing really well with potty training thanks.. Its like she waited til she was 3 and learnt it quickly. She'll only poo in a pull up thou I think cause it still scary for her where she's still on meds to help her go poo. So she'll go most eves n ask for nappy so cause of that I think it will take longer til she'll go on the potty.

We are doing well thou thank u.

How are you, Poppy and Tommy? I hope ur all well. How are Poppy n Tommy together? I love ur photos of them togetu on fb so cute.

Happy birthday to ur beautiful Poppy :) I can't believe she's two already. I hope you all have a lovely day together today x x x

How is everyone else on here, I hope u are all well x x
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