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Heart is broken...

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:59 am

Hi Toni,

Any signs of labour today? How are you feeling? The film was absolutely fantastic last night, it was so funny and I think it's the best one out of the 3 - I would highly reccomend seeing it.

I've been taking folic acid since my eptopic in March so hoping all my stores are what they should be. I've actually taken a pregnancy supplement so getting everything I need.

I will be doing the same as you and lighting a candle on my babies due date next year and then their birthday - with th eptopic I didn't know when I was due so it's harder with the miscarriage as I had dates. I'll never forget though even when I do have a baby in my arms.

I love the name you have chosen - it's beautiful. I love the little mermaid too :D

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:05 pm

Hi Nicola,

No signs of labour still... iv had cramps on and off still n iv been busy today with cleaning n when I walking today into town I felt so much pressure in my groin like my baby could fall out... but I know it's coz her head is getting more engaged.

So I have no idea wen she is coming. ..
Part of me doesn't want her to come this weekend coz my twin sisters partner is away fishing for the weekend.So it will be harder for her to come to the hospital straight away with her 3 younger kids with her and my bruv has gone to Rome tonight until Sunday night n they are the onl family members I would want to come see me right away.

But I know baby will come wen she is ready to.

Oh really glad u enjoyed the film ;) Oh really its the best out of the 3... I think I may re watch the first 2 before I see it as i haven't seen them in ages but I definitely want to see the new 1.

Oh really so u have been taking folic acid for ages then is good.... and a pregnancy supplement too and as long as hospital or doctor told u it was safe to ttc now then it sounds all good. I really hope it happens for u v soon. Imagine getting to wrap a positive preg test for ur hubby for Christmas would be great ;)

I remember last yr I so wanted it to happen for me intime for Xmas n was sad on boxing day getting my period but lil did I know id test positive in the new yr which dated my pregnancy back to boxing day so anything is possible n I believe it will happen soon for u ;)

Awww that is nice that ul light a candle too for ur baby... it kinda helps n ul never forget both ur babies same as I won't.
Yeah u are right I don't think u can forget ur lost babies even wen u get to hold one in ur arms.... but I think it will just make it s bit less painful.

Oh thank u ;) I'm glad u like my baby's name. My bf agreed to it almost as soon as I suggested it coz he use to watch 'Little Mermaid' all the time wen he was young n baby sitting his niece. Iv only seen it a few times but love it too coz I love baths I joke about my baby loving them too like a mermaid.

My twin sis is coming to see me in the morning with my 2 yr old niece Sienna so it be nice to see them n I like the idea of her being here in case I go into labour.

I hope uv had a good n positive day.

X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:03 pm

Hi Toni,

Hope you are feeling ok? I'm a bit sad today as it should have have been my 12 week scan. My cousin gave birth as well a few days ago so it's been a bit difficult this week but I'll stay positive and hope for the best.

I would absolutely love to be wrapping up a pregnancy test for my husband for Christmas - I don't know if I could keep it a secret when I found out though :D I would be so worried and want his support. I will have to see how things pan out.

I'm off to a wedding fair with my sister tomorrow so plenty of cake and fizz I hope which will be nice and I have a spa day with a friend Sunday so a nice weekend keeping busy, I will be thinking about you and wondering if baby is here yet.

Take Care and have a nice day with your sister. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat Oct 01, 2016 6:16 am

Hey Nicola, I'm so sorry I'm only just reading ur msg now... I'm really sorry for u having a hard day. I know we can't forget things like scan dates. I hope u are ok and I'm thinking of u and sending u hugs. I know how u feel coz I remember when I would of had my first 12 week scan was a work day that I had booked off as a holiday day but wen I had miscarried the week before I asked if I could work instead and I remember being sad at work. Then my 2nd would have been 12 wk scan day I had day off I think n a parents evening in the evening at my nursery job n I had thought I would have been showing everyone my scan pic so I remember being sad.

I hope UV had support today from ur hubby n family n friends n that you are ok.

Oh n that would make it extra hard for u re ur cousin giving birth recently... Just try not to see her and baby unless u feel strong enough to.

I remember 2 months after my miscarriage I found it so hard to have my bf nice who was 2months pregnant stay with us for Xmas n we were all sleepia wedding in the same frontroom so my bf parents could have our bedroom n I had even thought I may be pregnant again as I was 8 days late but I just woke up to a really heavy period on Xmas day n I remember feeling so sad n having a long bath n stayed in it extras long coz I didn't want to face my bf family for too long was too hard for me.

Then 4 months after my ectopic/miscarriage I remember me n my bf went to stay in Wales with his family who live there n we saw his niece who was a week away from her due date n we were staying in my bf parents and she got dropped of there early in the morning n came in our room to wake us up early to tell us her waters had broken early. I remember thinking is this a bad dream n 24 hrs later she gave birth n we were going home next morning. So we stopped at hospital on way home to see her n baby n we both held him. I remember being jealous but happy for her too n what helped me through it was my sis had been texting me saying I needed to try to remember this was her baby n I didn't want her baby but my own baby which I would soon have one day and if I knew I'd be healthy pregnant at end of the year I would of been more relaxed n happier then.. Not that I wasn't happy for her, I just struggled.

So it goes to show how we never know what is around the corner for us in a good way :)

Yea it would be amazing for u to wrap up a positive pregnancy stick for ur hubby for Xmas but only if us just found out... Of course u want him to know ur good news straight away for support n up be excited too.

First time I ever took a test me n my bf did it together just staring at the test waiting n my hand was shaking I remember & second time I was at my sisters n she was outside the loo wen I tested n wen I got a positive I cried a little n kept asking her if I was def prey. By this 3rd prey I didn't want to get my hopes up too much so I waited til I was 5 days late n I tested on my own in bathroom n my hand was shaking n then I woke up my bf to show him n I remember him saying well done n going back to sleep.

I have every faith up be prey by end of this year or if not in the new year n I'll keep praying for u.

I'm glad u have plans this weekend is def positive for u. I hope u have fun today with ur sis eating cake n having fizz at a fair sounds fun. You n ur sis sound close is good.

A spa on Sunday sounds like the perfect thing for u n I hope u get to relax enjoy it.

I love spa days... A bit of pampering will be perfect for u :)

My sis first cancelled on me today coz my 2 yr old niece had woken with red blotches so she booked a doctor appointment for her thinking it was chicken pox.
Obviously I was worried re my niece but I was a bit down about it n more so coz my friend had cancelled coming to see me the day before n I kept getting cramps so I went to sleep. I woke up to 5 missed calls n she had just got off the train to see me. It turns out my niece didn't have chicken pox but a viral infection which would go away on its own so they came to see me just for hr and a half coz she had to get back to collect her 2 boys from school... So it was quick but still nice to see them.

I am ok though thanks... Iv had a lot of cramps today, more than other days in my tummy n legs n back n keep needing or feeling like I need the lo n getting so constipated.

Iv felt so much pressure down below so I kept thinking is it time... Tonight I was laying on sofa with hot water bottle n got up to go to the loo. When I was washing my hands at sink I had such a bad pain in my tummy that I couldn't move or walk for a while... I thought maybe it was a contraction but it didn't happen again.

I kept getting scared to go to the loo n I later had a bad nerve type pain in one leg I could hardly walk but its prob just baby hitting a nerve.

I kept having cramps mainly in legs n bad backache n I was thinking I would go into labour tonight.

My bf has been sleeping I on front room on sofa for last couple months coz he says since then I snore loud n coz I'm up alit too for the loi I disturb him so I have had bed to myself since then,, it will be a bit weird wen he starts to sleep in it again lol.

Last night I decided to sleep in front room too on our other sofa jus incase I went into labour I was scared to be in bedroom alone but iv now been awake side 5.30am n no signs it happening jus a stiff neck.

So Iv gone to my bed but I'm wide awake still.

I hope ur ok and u enjoy today with ur sis... I'm glad u have her for support n I'm sure UK have fun today.

I'll keep praying for u n I'm sending u baby dust for it to happen for u soon.

I'll let u know if I have any news but could be up to two weeks yet.

Take care. Toni x x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:19 pm

Thanks Toni,

I've had a lovely day today with some fizz and looking at pretty wedding things. She was so excited bless her.

A friend of mine had a miscarriage a few weeks before me and she had just found out she is pregnant again - it's actually given me hope as this was her first month trying since the miscarriage, I know she's scared and doesn't know how to feel but I said she just needs to take it a day at a time.

It must have been really hard for you being around all those pregnant people after going through such horrible losses. You were so strong and know you are getting your reward.

I know I won't test next time until I am a week late as my periods are probably going to take a while to get back into a routine, I'll do it on my own and I know I'll feel happy but also so scared. Just not going to think about it and deal with it when the time is right.

I hope the plans are labour pains and means baby is close to being in your arm. It's going to be the most amazing moment of your life.

Keep me posted. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:28 am

Hey Nicola, im so glad u enjoyed ur day out with ur sis ;) it sounds like. Just what u needed.

I'm sorry to hear about ur friend having a miscarriage n happy for her being pregnant. That is good advice u gave her as that is all she can do take it day by day n take it easy n try to believe all will be ok.

Awww im glad its given u hope having ur friend conceive again so quickly as u could too.

Yeah it was hard to be around lots a preg people after a miscarriage. I think hardest thi I found was working with toddlers at a nursery n seeing some of tbe pregnant mums there every day. And we had s baby room there two even though I worked with 2&3 yr olds... I remember having to cover in the baby room n wanting to cry..I felt list my boss didn't care n thought after few weeks I was over it all wen I wasn't.

Awww thank u ;) We have no choice to be strong thou do we.

I remember getting so depressed especially after my first loss n what made it worse was my tummy took ages to go down n I would still look preg sometimes by eveing time through bloation of eating.
I remember msgin my sister in law n sending her a pic of my belly coz I was upset nI remember her telling me I needed to try be positive n get well n healthy to show the universe I wanted to n was ready for a baby or otherwise it would not happen as I was not eating. Well either.

That is s good idea to wait a while to test next time n do it with or without ur hubby.. see how u feel at time.

I tested alone this time coz I didn't want to get my bf hopes up n as well he was asleep n I wanted to test early in the morning.
I know its scary to test but I pray for you to get a healthy positive wen u do next test ;)

Awww thanks so much for ur support. I still haven't gone in to labour n I was due two days ago.

Iv had more cramps n tumm pains.n pressure. Feeling n feeling sick alot n I threw up quite a bit after finding on Saturday night....I swear. I had couple contrations sat night. It was agony n.i cried n couldn't move.but then nothing for rest of night.

Im in bed now n got bad cramp in legs m back And scared to sleep in case I wake up in labour.

Iv been having lots a baths.

My bf will go work 7.30am friend. Is coming here about 10am coz im starting to panic being. Alone.

I hope u are.ok n enjoyed ur day out yesterday.

I should get some sleep now its 2.30am
. I think I'm too nervous to sleep

Toni x x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:30 am

Hi Toni,

I think today is the day for you and little one. & just have a feeling. Hope you managed to get some sleep.

I'm really happy for my friend and the doctors said she can have an early 6 week scan. I saw a rainbow on Friday so I think that was a sign it's her rainbow baby, I told my Mum and she said she had seen a double rainbow - maybe that's a sign for both of us. I really hope so.

I've had a good weekend. I can't believe it's Monday so soon though.

I should hopefully get my period this week (if it's on time) as it will have been 4 weeks since the miscarriage - although they do say 4-6 weeks so we will see.

Glad your friend is with you today so you are not on your own. I'll be thinking of you.

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:08 am

Morning Nicola, I did get some sleep thou from just after 2.30 until just after 7am. .. I got up n ironed my bf work closely. He's not good at getting up in mornings n I was desperate for loo. I still wake up alot in nite for loo.

Iv been lying back in bed for past hr, but Im gguna have a bath before my friend comes at 10am.

Shel prob leave about 1pm so om already planning to have a nap after she leaves coz im so sleepy.

I hope ur right n today is the day ;) my bf will be home about 5pm so I won ve alone for too Long. I just panic being alone in pain.

That is really nice about ur friend n ur such a good friend to be happy for her too. It's really good shel get a 6 wks scan. How far is she?

This time round I was 4+5 wen tested coz u count bak to ur last period don't u. Even though test said 1-2 wks preg so I had to wait 2 weeks for early scan.

I hope ur friend will be ok... Yeah I think rainbow is sign n a better double sign for u both. Keep believing like that n it will come true for u soon. Il keep praying for u. ;) n sending u lots a baby dust.

Oh wow so ur period could com soon. It could come after 4 wks thou. I got mine 28 days later n I hope u do too.

Another friend came to see me yesterday was nice... she gave me two bin bags of baby clothes of her daughters who is age 11 now.

She was giving me alot of baby advice n labour n birth advice which I appreciated but I told her how everyone is different as she seems to think il experience what she did like standing up n waters breaking but I said my twin sis waters didn't even break with her eldest son is why she was induced as there wasn't enough water around him.

She was telling me to bounce on my gym ball like she had but I said I can't as I have spd so its too painful n she was saying have sex n I said that would kill me right now. She means well n has been good to me over yrs. iv known her from secondary sch but we weren't close til age 22 which was actually 17 yrs ago. But she can be a bit pushy. So I keep in contact but don't see her too much lately... she has same name as u lol. She's offered to drive me to hospital wen im in labour but I think il get cab. She means well but some friends u can only have in smaller doses.

My friend Rach who is coming today iv known since primary school wen we were age 4 so 35 yrs ago n her brother n my twin sis are together n have kids together so she's like family n my closest friend so I can always be myself with her.

Anyway I'm rambling on lol.

I wanted to ask u where do u live like what area... I just wondered if u live in uk...

Oh n are u back at work or taking off more time.

I best get in the bath. I hope u have a good day oh n I hope yesterday went ok x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:36 am

Glad you got some sleep Toni. You will need it if you are going to be in the hospital soon as I bet you won't sleep much there.

My friend tested on Saturday so she's 4 weeks and is seeing her doctor today, it's just waiting for the scan. I won't tonne later on when I test so I'm not worrying for 2 weeks, although everything was good at my 6 week scan last time so I will still worry after that but as long as I know it's not eptopic then that's a good start.

I think everyone has friends who think they know everything, I'm sure she means well but like you say everyone is different and you have to do what's right for you. You have come this far so after all you have been through, it shows just how strong you are.

It's nice your other friend is coming to see you too so you won't be alone long.

I live in the midlands (Leicester) everyone know it now because of the football. Where do you live?

I am back at work too - I didn't reallly have any time off as I felt better being here and keeping my mind occupied.

Yeah I'm hoping period comes this week. Although part of me hopes it doesn't and that I'm pregnant again but we have been careful so it's not likely, it's just wishful thinking.

Speak soon xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:40 am

Hey Nicola, how are you? Im still pregnant. 3 days over due n still getting cramps n backache n feeling sick sometimes n lotda pressure n groin pain especially when I lye on my side. I'm on my own today til bf home at 5. It makes me a bit panicky.. i may go for a walk later but I don't think I can get far.

Thanks. .. I was still tired yesterday coz had not a slept enough so had an hr n half nap was good.

My friend Rach came to see me with her 17 yr old son n they stayed a few hrs. It was great to see them n have a catch up. Bless my friend went to shop for me n hoovered front room n kitchen for me to stop me doing it... she's sweet like that.

Oh I see so yr friend is 4 wks along. .. it's good she went to see her doctor n hopefully she will get a scan for 6 wks. I hope all goes well for her.

Yea as hard as it is I do think it is best for you to wait to test. . I had to make myself wait coz month before u had been 3 days late n had preg symptoms n even threw up n tested neg n just got my period late n I didn't want that disappointment again is why this time I waited 5 days to test.

Yea its hard not to worry even after a 6 wks scan is confirmed its in right place. I was like it after knowing id got to 11wks for my first preg ( even though I'd lost my baby at 8 wks without knowing at the time).... but I think all u can do is take each mile stone at a time n getting a healthy 6 wks scan is first step m after that all u can do is try think positive n pray n believe all will be ok n to know ur not un control aswell as look after urself best u can. .. taking it easy n being healthy n not being afraid to do nothing in case u miscarry coz u need to keep busy too. I remember wanting to take time off work so I could take it easy but obviously I couldn't so I carried on working with toddlers n refused to change nappies of the bigger heavier kids... so I just was being extra careful n I stopped picking up the kids n carrying things which were heavy n I told my bosses right away coz I wanted to be safe at work n not risk a 3rd loss.

That is all u can do.. being careful but not just sitting still for 9 months oh n I started taking pregnacare straight away which has right amount of folic acid u need.

Il remind u to look after urself n to try stay positive n calm as can be wen u get preg again soon ;)

Yea u are right we do all have a know it all friend n I know my friend Nick means well... she can just be a bit pushy.

Awww thank u ;) I think wen u go through what we have u have no choice but to stay strong... otherwise ul go crazy or have a mental breakdown or get deep depressed.

Oh u live in Leicester. .. iv never been there before. .. I live in Redhill in Surrey so it's not far from Gatwick airport. Iv lived her just over 2 yrs but me n my bf use to live with his nephew too n have lived together just us two just over 3 months now which is good we did it before baby is born so we could have space n a spare room for her. Iv been with him 2 yr & 8 months nearly and I was first preg after 6 months of being together so he feels like iv always been preg. .. what with this being our 3rd pregnancy now.

How long have you been with ur hubby and married for?

It's good work helps u by keeping u occupied as long as you don't over do things.

My first miscarriage happened on my week holiday but I was at home n then I took just one week off sick before returning to work and my ectopic/miscarriage I took off one week sick again before going back. Both times I struggled physically n emotionally going bak so soon n would be in pain chsngiy nappies n cleaning at work etc n even walking but I needed to go back to work to keep normal way of life n to stay sain.

I hope u do get ur period this week then. Oh my imagine if u got preg so quick... u never know it could still happen but if it doesn't yet its still a good thing as it means ur body will have another month to heal n get stronger n to have a rest for wen u do fall pregnant again.

I hope ur ok n u keep staying positive ;)

Il let u know when I have baby but I could still be preg this time next week. .. I hope not thou. I have sweep Thursday 10 45 am if im still preg n induction Oct 13th so all I can do is wait n try not to panic every day.. coz at moi I get scared to sleep n have a bath in case it suddenly happens then. X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:19 pm


I'm ok thanks. Still no baby for you and no AF for me. My cycles before the miscarriage were 29 days and I'm only on day 26 (counting from bleeding if the miscarriage) I would rather it came sooner rather than later as we feel ready to try again and my friend getting pregnant so quickly as really given me some hope. She's 39 too so she was thinking she didn't have much time so I'm really pleased it's happened quickly for her. Praying this little rainbow stays put for a healthy 9 months.

How lovely your friend came to see you and helped you out whilst she was there. That's really nice of her, I bet it was nice to have someone with you too. Can you ring your boyfriend if you start having contractions? Will he be there quickly?

I work in an office so luckily I can get away with not telling people at work when I find out, I had to tell my boss about the eptopic and the miscarriage though as I had so many hospital appointments. I also had a day off for my 6 week scan as I thought if it was bad news then I wouldn't be able to face going back to work that day, the bad news was later on though.

It's good you have moved out into your own place before the baby arrives, you will need that space when she gets here.

I've been with my husband for 2 years and we have been married for 6 months. We are hoping to move house before we have a baby now but that won't stop us trying as even if I fall pregnant straight away I won't be due until the middle of next year.

I hope the sweep is ok on Thursday if she hasn't arrived by then, let me know how things go.

Take Care xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:49 am

Hey, Still no baby for me... had quite a few braxton hicks tonight but still no labour.

I hope u get ur period this week then.. ur cycle can def get messed up.

I use to get my cycle every 26 days spot on but then after my losses they changed to 28 day cycles and my period use to always last 5/6 days n for the 7 months I ttc for this pregnancy after my 2 pregnancy losses... my period would last up to 9 days. I mentioned it to my doctor coz I thought it was making it harder for me to conceive but he said it was normal after what my body had been through n id still be able to fall preg, which I did.

I'm glad to hear ur positive about getting pregnant again n that ur friend has given u hope.

What is ur friend 39? Or are u 39?

The older u get the more u panic about having kids but there's still time until u get ur menopause.

I didn't start ttc til I was 37 n now il give birth just 2 months before me n my partner are 40.

My age did worry me if I would ever have a kid or I started to think if I did maybe it be wen I was about age 43.

Yeah my friend us very kind for helping me out yesterday n it was great to see her.

I get down wen I spend whole day alone like today.... especially as I can't really get out n go for a walk etc.

Yeah I can ring my bf wen labour n hel get back quickly. His work is just half hr walk away or 5 min in a cab.

Its good u work in an office so I can take it easy n not have to tell everyone min u get pregnant again.

Its hard to tell people sad news but sometimes its best ur boss knows so u can take it more easy at work n have some understanding n sympathy if u get upset ir need time off.

Yeah definitely its good to have our own flat before baby comes n she has her own room with pink matching wardrobe.n Chester drawers n little bedside table n all her stuff n clothes.

Even though shel sleep in her moses basket in our room for quite a while at first.

It's really nice u are married n settled with ur hubby. It's good ul move to a new place like a new start for u both.

I hope wen my baby is bigger or even in a couple yrs that wil move to a hse with a garden for out daughter to play in coz our flat is ground floor but no garden. Luckily park is just 5 minutes away.

Thanks alot. I still hope baby will come tomorrow so I won't need the sweep.

My twin sis n my 2 yr old niece are coming to see me tomorrow about 2pm for a few hrs so it be nice u have the company before my bf is home at 5pm n il panic less re going into labour alone.

I hope u are ok...

I should get some sleep x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:07 am

Ahhh she needs to come soon! Hopefully today.

My friend is 39, she messaged me this morning saying she had some spotting though and is going to the doctors - she is really scared. I hope she's ok.

I'm 30 and we started trying in December last year as I thought getting married in March I would only be a few months pregnant if it happened straight away, sadly that's when I had the eptopic and now the miscarriage. I know I have plenty of time but it still worries me a lot.

My cycles were really regular before so hoping they stay like that as it makes it easier for tracking dates when TTC. I've been temperature tracking this month and pretty sure I ovulated so that's a good sign as they say sometimes you don't ovulate straight away after a miscarriage.

Glad your sister is coming to you. You can have a few hours relaxing this morning.

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:34 am

Hey, Yea I hope baby comes today... just hard to know.

I woke at 5.30am to bad heart burn n I couldn't breathe properly. I got up at 7am to iron bf shirt m make him tea. Coz I couldn't sleep.

I was so tired after Just 3&half hrs sleep.

Iv just managed to get 2 more hrs sleep. .. I needed it.

Yea im glad sis n niece coming later, gives me time for a bath.

Bf 25 yr old nephew who we use to live with is coming here for dinner later. I said to my bf Dave just let him know I could go into labour.

Oh so ur just 30 & ur friend is 39. Oh no I really hope ur friend will be ok.. thing is hard to tell without an early scan isn't it coz it can be ok still if u spot in pregnancy. Il pray for ur friend n bubba to be ok.

Oh I see so after u got married u got pregnant quickly both times. I did too as we started ttc in July 14 & I was preg Aug 14 & miscarried Oct 14 & preg in Jan 15 & ectopic/ miscarriage in March 15 so in space of 5 months I had 2 losses. Then we started ttc May 15 & I eau preg in Dec 15 so it took 7 months this time.

It's one good thing it shows u can get preg with no problems treatment. Thay is what doc assured me with coz some women can't convieve naturally.

Yea I get that it still worries u even though ur still young. .. its harder for u coz uv already been preg so of course u want to be preg again soon.

Its good u think u ovulated so u can ttc soon. I know u were reg before is good m hopefully ul stay regular but just know it could change coz I was always every 26 days n after second lregu loss I was every 28 days n a few times id be s little late but hopefully ul stay regular m its good u vsu track u temp too.

I use to do that ovulation app on my phone n would try ttc by putting I a 26&28 day cycle.

But its good if u don't get as obsessed with it all as I did coz i don't think I ovulated wen it said n it did take me ages n wen I went docs he said I should try relax n be more natural about it n just try ttc every 2 /3 days instead. Although I did find out later I was already preg at that docs appointment without knowing yet.

You will get pregnant soon n I really hope before end of year just try not obsess over it like I did.

Im guna keep praying for u to conceive a healthy baby very soon ;) important sending u baby dust.

Have u had any signs of ur period could come soon? X x
princess pink
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:17 pm

My friend saw the doctor this morning and they said there is nothing they can do until her 6 week scan, which is 2 weeks today. It's the not knowing that's hard.

I did fall pregnant quickly both times, it was always the second month of trying. I guess your body needed longer to recover this time and it took longer. I hope it's not long for me but would rather it be the right time and be a little longer this time.

I don't have any signs of my period coming yet either, I usually get sore boobs and really restless before but I don't have that. If it hasn't come by 6 weeks I'll test to be sure and make a doctors appointment but I'm sure it will.

You're right though, the good thing is I can get pregnant which is the most inportant as some people can't. It's just staying pregnant. Hopefully next time. I'm trying to do all I can to be healthy ready for when it happens again.

Can't believe baby isn't here yet. She's too toasty. I think by the weekend. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:42 pm

Hey Nicola, I hope ur ok... im zorry about ur friend n I really hope her n baby are ok. Its so hard having to wait for a scan to know all is ok. I really hope her spotting is normal n healthy which it can be. She's lucky to have u as a friend.

Yeah I too got pregnant quick first two times n it was so hard for me to wait so long to get pregnant this time n of course u don't want to wait long but ur right that its better to wait that bit longer if u will get a healthy pregnancy at the end of it... then its so worth it. I really hope u don't have to wait long but main thing is u get a healthy pregnancy ; )

Ok wel ur period still could come soon n hopefully before 6 wks. ... I hope if it isn't here by 6 wks then u are pregnant... I know it must be hardy for u to wait.

Exactly I felt the same. .. glad I knew I could get pregnant but keeping in me n staying healthy preg was what I worried about. I remember I had to keep reminding myself how I still had 90% of having a healthy preg which is what u need to do n to try n believe it can n will happen for u at the time it is meant to.

Youl get ur rainbow miracle baby just try to believe it n even visualize it n even pray for it to happen.

Il keep praying for u... ; ) coz I truly believe it will happen for u and just ny talking to u I can tell ul be sn amazing mum n this lil future baby of urs will be so loved ;)

Yea I know like why is my baby not born yet... I can't believe I am now officially 5 days late its gone midnight.

Wen my sister was here today im sure I had a contraction... it hurt alot n I cried n panicked n I had cramp in legs quite bad at Same time. She stayed with me until bf got home.

I then couple hrs later had it again n then nothing again n then about 10.30 and 10.50 im sure I had a contraction while me n bf were watching Hanibal film. He paused it coz I was in alot of pain n tight feeling in my tummy n cramp in back legs was so painful n then nothing since so I don't know what is going on but it can't be labour yet.

I half expect to go to bed n wake up in labour tonight but I know that so may not happen n sweep tomorrow st 10.45. I'm glad my bf is coming with me as im nervous n scared re going n the pain of it too.

Mayb ur right that baby will come at weekend but I hope before she will be born. Sis thinks shel com on Sunday but wel see ey.

I hope ur ok... I should go sleep soon really but I get nervous to go to my room sometimes alone coz bf sleeps on sofa so I don't disturb him in the night as I wake up alot in pain n go loo alot n he says I snore now which I can't help n I never use to. So I get bed to myself.
X x
princess pink
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:39 am

Hi Toni,

I'm wondering if you are in labour now, it sounded like things were starting last night.

Sadly my friend started bleeding heavily last night so they are certain it's another miscarriage. She has been signed off work and they are seeing her at the EPU on Tuesday so make sure everything has passed - im so sad for her.

I have period pains this morning so guessing AF will show her face today or tomorrow. I guess that's good but it still makes me feel a bit sad.

Hope the sweep wasn't too and if you have had to have it.

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Butterfly1 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 1:43 pm

Hi ladies,

Princess Pink- hopefully you are cuddling your precious baby in your arms now ;) ??

Nicola- how are you? I've been thinking about you. I'm also so sorry to read about your friend. It really is pants and cruel.

Take care xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:19 pm

Nicola im so so sorry about ur friend. Its so unfair. Life can be so cruel..I really feel for ur friend... poor thing. Its just so sad that we have no control over these things. She's lucky to have u... il pray for her.

Oh its good ur Af is coming hopefully as less time to wait than 6 wks.... but Im also sorry u are not preg... This does. Mean thou its a nearer step to u getting pregnant again.

I wasn't in labour last night but im sure I had few contractions.

I saw midwife today n bf came with me.

She could see I was anxious re sweep m she admitted it would hurt me it doesn't always definitely work.
Midwife told me not to have it done if I was that anxious about it not wanting it done.

I told her re my symptoms like cramps n pressure feeling n contractions recently n she said that it sounds like my body is definitely getting reay for labour & im booked in for my induction next Thursday 13th n if that doesn't work il have ** section on Saturday 15 th wen id be exactly 2 wks late.
But midwife thinks il have my baby soon n before my induction date nect Thursday neway n hopefully this weekend.

So that is what im guna do just wait m hope v soon il go into labour.

I hope it will happen this Friday night or Saturday morning coz the nice midwife says shel be working at the hospital sat so shel com to see me x x
princess pink
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:25 pm

Butterfly how are u?? I hope ur doing well.

No not yet... im 5 days late but hopefully baby will be here soon. Iv had signs n midwife said all is good n well today im just late so need to be patient.

If baby not here by next week il have induction Thursday 13th wen il be 12 days late n If that fails ** srcy on Saturday 15th wen il b 2 wks late.

But Midwife thinks iv got good vhau of my baby coming soon n naturally. And she said its common for first baby to be late. X x
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