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Heart is broken...

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sun Jul 01, 2018 7:45 pm

Hi Toni,

How is Arielle now? I really hope she’s a bit better. We’ve had Poppy in her cot the last few nights and she’s doing ok actually. She does usually wake around 1/1:30 for a feed and then can be up as early as 5 but she’s usually asleep by 7:30 so I don’t think that’s too bad.

The weaning workshop was good - I’m going to start on some purees in a few weeks I think when Poppy is 5.5 months. We are on holiday when she’s 6 months so wanted to start just before so she’s (hopefully) used to it a little when we go. When did you start with arielle? I really like the idea of the baby led weaning where you feed them what you are having but think I’m too scared too try that at the moment.

Have you been getting out much lately? I hope you are managing to get some more sleep.

Spd1982 - I hope you are ok. It’s the hardest thing going though what you are going through but please use this group for support as it’s been so valuable to me and ask anything - we can help.

I hope you can take some reassurance that all most of us on this thread have now gone on to have healthy pregnancies and have little ones here so it can and will happen - I know it’s hard to see at this moment though but try and stay positive.

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Sdp1982 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:08 pm

Thank you Toni & Nicola1720,

My work are visiting tomorrow! It’s draining as it makes me so emotional knowing they are here to specifically talk about my loss. I don’t know one of the managers and I have no idea who the other one is and he’s also a bloke which makes me feel worse. I’m going to have to discuss this with them when I don’t want too and they know what’s happened. I’m going to have to share and live through this awful experience again and why this has been so difficult due to the 11 years of TTC and only getting pregnant twice, both being ectopics requiring emergency surgery after traumatic
Experiences. Writing this knowing I have to do this tomorrow is making me cry and I know I’ll cry again tomorrow. I feel they’re adding stress rather than helping.

My husband is great and has been very supportive. My friends have been too but I have only seen 2 of them, the others have messaged but that’s hard now as no one really asks about me now. I don’t expect them too but I feel a bit lonely and sad that they aren’t.

It’s so lovely to hear that you’ve gone on to have children after your losses and I really hope that I do too knowing that there are others out there and there is a chance. It’s so hard to believe it will given what we’ve experienced but I can’t stop hoping.

It helps reading everyone’s stories and being able to relate to them knowing I’m not alone even when I feel I am.

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:30 am

Hey ladies,

Nicola Arielle is better now thank you, she's still teething but it's not affecting her nappy changes now like it's not making her poo so much n red sore is a relief. She's a bit off her food sometimes but I think that's the teething n she's more fussy but she's eating some foods n drinks her morning n nighttime bottle of milk.. so I'm pleased about that.

She's been going to sleep around 9 15pm at night but is always waking up around 12am Wen I go bed n ending up in my bed n waking through the night.. not for calpol or coz she's hungry or anything she just doesn't sleep for long without waking n so I'm always so tired Wen we are up in the morning from a broken nigh sleep.. I thought by now she'd sleep through night but I guess you can't go by age n every baby is different.. it's just tiring.

We'll done Nicola for getting Poppy in her cot, it's great she's taken to it.. You must be so tired being up in night with her n then at 5am is so early but good shel go down a couple hrs later for a nap... Plus it's normal where she's so little shes going to wake up often for feeds. Do u try nap when Poppy does?

I'm glad the weaning workshop helped u..
That's s good idea to start Poppy on some purees.

I started weaning Arielle I think when she was 4 months but she was just one week away from being 5 months old.. I wanted to get her started as soon as possible mainly coz of her weight always being so small.. I thought solid food would help.

First 3 weeks I think I only gave Arielle baby rice once a day and then after that she would have baby rice once a day and pureed Apple n pear I made in the eves for her which she took well too... Then in time I would add mashed banana to it... Then maybe couple weeks later I introduced puree veg like broccoli , cauliflower, carrot and sweet potato. But I would start by only giving her one pureed fruit or vegetable for few days to make sure she didn't get any allergic reaction from them n then when I knew she wasn't allergic to any I would start mixing a couple of fruit purees together n a couple vegetable purees together and I would put them in ice cube trays in the freezer saved time as they would last a few weeks

I understand ur scared of baby lead weaning..I was too so I think I didn't try Elle with that til she was bit older like maybe 8/9 months old...

It sounds like you have a good plan of how to do it thou n it be good if Poppy has started on weaning Wen u go on holiday.

Like I said coz I'm up alot with Elle in the night I try nap in the day with her when I can even if I get 20/30 minutes nap helps.

I hope u get to nap when you can.

Yea I get out sometimes like I went to my friends birthday BBQ few weeks ago was good n I'm going to visit a friend on Saturday who I haven't seen in ages... I'm leaving Elle with her dad to go coz my friend lives quite far.

My friends brother died last week in motorcycle accident is so sad so I'm trying to be there for her.. she's one of my best friends n her brother was only 28 with two kids n they were really close so it's so sad.

Have u been getting out? I hope all is well with u. X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:40 pm

Hi Toni,

I am so sorry to hear that about your friends brother - that is devestating.

We are doing well thanks. Poppy has been waking up quite a lot the last few nights -I don’t think the heat helps at all. If I have a really bad night I nap with her in the day in my bed - she sleeps longer for her naps if she’s next to me but I don’t do it often.

I’m going to start weaning in the next week or so. She’s nearly 23 weeks now so will probably start at 24 weeks as we are away when she turns 6 months so be nice to get her used to having the purees before then and we can start her on regular meals and more mushy food then too.

It’s good you get out when you can. I’m going out on Thursday to celebrate my friends 30th - it will be nice to dress up and go for a drink.

SDP1982 - I hope the meeting went as well as it could with Work and that you are feeling a little more like yourself. It takes time to recover from these things, mentally and physically so make sure you rest and take the time that you need to.

I’m not sure where you are based but after my ectopic and miscarriage I spoke to a charity called Tommy’s who were amazing and I ended up being part of a trial they were running called scratch in miscarriage and following that was when I got pregnant with my daughter.

I hope everyone is enjoying the glorious weather. X
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby hinterfeld » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:17 am

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:24 pm

SDP I'm really sorry ur going through this and it does sound so unfair ur work coming to see you to talk through it all making u relive it. I'm not surprised ur emotional n stressed about it. I hope you managed to get through it and they showed you some compassion.

I'm really glad ur husband is being supportive n that you also have a couple supportive friends. It is hard when people stop talking to you about it... It's like they don't understand how long it takes you to deal with it all n how it never goes away. Ofcourse right now ur really trying to deal everything. But you can't rush the healing process when things will feel less painful ..but they will happen in time n u will feel hopeful again.

We are definitely all here for you n I'm glad our journeys we've been through will give you hope. I believe you will get ur happy ending when the time is right but for now you need to heal n get all the love n support you can.
I'm sending you hugs n positive vibes n praying for you.

Toni X x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:38 pm

Hey Nicole, sorry for late reply. I wrote u a long reply about a week ago but it wouldn't send so I saved it to draft but then could get it back n hadn't had the chance to msg again since.

I hope u n Poppy are well.. I'm sorry to hear Poppy is waking up alot at nights.. the hot weather definitely makes it harder for them to sleep. It's good u get to nap with Poppy in the daytime if UV had a hard night with her.. when u can.

I too try to nap with Arielle when she has her daytime nap if I can even if I get half HR sleep but I don't always get to aswell.

Arielle is still waking every night. Once I get her to sleep which isn't usually till about 9/9.30 pm I have to still get her to sleep n then I'll put her in her cot n shel sleep only for ,1 to 2 hrs n then I can't get her back on her cot even when I get her back to sleep shel wake n cry minute I try put her in her cot so shel sleep with me every night.

We are going to soon change her cot bed in to a bed n get a safety bed guard hoping it will help her stay in her own bed for the night.. coz it's so hard having Elle sleep with me every night.

That is a good idea to start weaning Poppy before u go away. I hope she takes to it well.i bet ur looking forward to ur hol will be good for u all .

How was ur night out recently??

It is good when I get to go out.. I appreciate it wen I get out. Especially as isn't too often.

My bf been working Extra hrs at wknds and some eves so it's been just me n Elle has become hard.

I was really down last week n I don't know why just not getting enough sleep n lonely I think n struggling. I try talk to my bf who was supportive but he did get it completely. He sees people all time at work n goes out more than me. I guess I find it hard where it just me n Elle so after its been two yrs now being home since I went on maternity leave.

It is really sad re my friends brother.. she's coping really well.. IV been msgin her alot n her bruvs funeral is tomorrow.

My other best friend brother in law just died too is so sad n they don't know how just found him in his flat.. so my friend has been going to see her sis n kids who have taken it bad.. she came to see me last week n I tried to be there for her but wasn't in good place myself so I think she off me more support n she got Elle lovely gifts.. I felt better for her company...
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:44 pm

Sorry I typed in Nicola n the name came up wrong...

My mum has just been stationed with my twin sister for past week as lives Ireland n me n her haven't spoken properly since 19 yrs when I was 22.. we never were close n she's never known me as a proper adult n me n my siblings went in care as teenagers coz my mum couldn't cope so used to shut herself in her room alot n was never affectionate etc.. so anyway my choice she's not been in my life n Wel never be close bit she msg asking to meet. So I met her in my local park with Elle n my bf n my twin sister. I nearly didn't go n it was so awkward n I wasn't myself but I was civil n let her meet Elle. I'm glad it's done now n haven't made any promises but I know shel be back in a yr n want to see Elle again.. it's hard to forgive her for my past all the rejection she gave me n when I was 21 I was really depressed n wanted to stay with her just a lil while but she rejected me again. But IV tried to be bigger person is why I met her last wknd ..
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:48 pm

Anyway maybe all that had to do with me feeling down lately.

IV taken Elle to two toddler group this week which o think is good for us both especially as they closing now for summer. Coz more we stay in too much harder things get.

My bf sis n her fiance are comic to stay with us Tomo for 4 days is good for Elle n My bf but I'm dreading it disrupting Elles routine n flat is small but I'm hoping it will go ok n they want to go Brighton for the day on Saturday.

I hope all u ladies are well n u have a good wknd.

X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:54 pm

I meant to say my bf didn't completely get how I was feeling even thou he comforted me. X x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:34 pm

Hi Toni,

I hope you are feeling a bit happier now. It can be hard when you’re on your own a lot with a little one. I try and get out each day even if it’s just for a walk as I find fresh air just really helps.

We’ve started weaning this week. Poppy is 24 weeks now and so interested in food. We’ve just done a few veg purees mixed with breast milk. She absolutely loves it and has been grabbing the spoon out my hand each time. Going to try a little finger food this week although it scares me a bit.

Have you tried Arielle in the bed yet. Maybe she will be better in that rather than the cot as she’s more used to being in a bed. She just wants to be close to you but it’s hard when you don’t get much sleep.

Poppy is in her room now and is having a dream feed then waking around 2/2:30 for a feed and then around 5. I can’t get her back in the cot after that so usually feed her in bed with me and she sleeps for another hour or so and I can doze next to her. I refuse to get out of bed before 6. If she doesn’t go back to sleep I just lay in bed with her for an hour whilst she rolls around and plays with a toy.

How was it with your BF sister? Hope it didn’t distract your routine too much.

Sorry to hear you don’t get on with your sister. I’m really close with mine so can’t imagine how hard that must be. At least you were civil and made an effort which is more than you needed to do.

Anyway - hope you are having a nice weekend. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:47 am

Hey Nicola, sorry for late reply.

How are you & Poppy? I can't believe she's already 6 Months old. I was thinking she was 4 months old to I seeing put on FB that she's 6 months. She is so beautiful.

Well with done with your weaning.. you sound like you are doing really well with it and it's great to hear how Poppy is loving her food. That is a really good idea that you are mixing puree food with your breast milk ( I never thought of that before but then I was unsuccessful in expressing milk, I found too hard)

That is really good how Poppy grabs the spoon from you. She obviously loves it.

When I started weaning Arielle I use to give her her own spoon to hold so she got use to it early on n wouldn't grab my spoon n I think it helped her to learn to feed herself quite early on n now for ages she won't let me feed her.

I hope the finger food has gone well.. I know how scary it is. I don't think I was brave enough to start Elle on finger food until she was about 7/8 months but they Def can take to it well n early on. I think first thing I use to give Elle was toast cut into soldiers which she still loves n Wen she use to love broccoli puree I would give her finger food of broccoli n cauliflower n carrots.

IV heard it's good to eventually give ur baby what you have for dinner but I know how scary that is when they are so tiny n you want to try to do it gradually.

I hope Poppy is still enjoying her food.

Wow Poppy is in her own room is really good. Well done :)

It sounds like you have a really good routine with her feeding at night. I don't blame you even 6am is so early to get up n it's nice to have cuddles in the morning.

I hope you n Poppy are well? When do u go on your hols? I bet you can't wait.. where are you going?

Thank you, yea your right n I was civil with mum.. but only reason I met her was so she could meet Arielle, well so they could meet each other as I don't want Arielle resenting me for it when she gets older.. but yea it was hard.
I know it is a Shame how things are n I always wished I could of had a close relationship with my mum Wen. Was little but then you just get use to how it is n accept it. It's why even more so I really hope Arielle will always be close with me n want me in her life as she grows up.

It was bit stress having my bf sis n her fiance stay coz it's hard having a full hse n affecting Elle's routine plus we had her son over most time they were here too, he's 27 n lives right near us n he's Also close with his uncle who is my bf, so we had a HSE full.

But it did go quickly n wasn't too bad especially on the Saturday coz we all went to Brighton for the day n was nice weather.

Arielle has been in her new bed for 4 nights now. First night she lasted 2 hrs, 2nd & 3rd night she lasted 3 hrs so she was in bed with me most of night.. waking up n rolling around my bed as usual.
But last night I got her to sleep at 9.15 and she slept in her bed till 4.52am exactly. She did so well. She woke up not long after going to sleep n moved to bottom part of her bed n slept width ways n I thought that is good she's managing to change position n get herself back to sleep, whereas usually she would wake up properly n cry.

So I'm pleased she did so well really hope she does well again. So I got about 4 hrs of undisturbed sleep until I put her in bed with me when she woke up babe slept few more hrs.

I'm trying to be more strict with meal times well lunch n dinner. Coz she was having them too late n dinner was like 6.30 kinda time so I'm trying to make sure she has lunch before her nap so she can have dinner at 5pm.. coz she had started going sleep too late like 10pm or later so 9.15pm was good for her last night.

Thank u, I am feeling better than I did when I last msg u. I guess things can get too much n my bf is still working Extra hrs but I'm kinda more use to it. You are right getting out the HSE does help to get fresh air so we do get out when we can even if it's just going to the shops n Arielle loves the park.

I hope you are well n u have a great weekend. Thanks for your kind msg you had sent me :) x

I hope all you other Ladies n bubba's are doing well X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby aidaalmasi » Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:47 am

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:46 pm

Hi Toni,

We’ve been on holiday this week and had a lovely time. Poppy has been so good. It’s been hard as we’ve been out of routine so have struggled to stick to set times with meals etc and she’s had quite a few Ella’s kitchen pouches but I thought it’s only a few days and we will be back to normal at home. I think I’m going to try getting her to have a bit more of what we are having now like weetabix for breakfast etc or some baby porridge as she just seems to be doing so well with the food.

She’s slept in a travel cot whilst we’ve been away and she’s been so good in that: she won’t entertain it in the day though so I have been feeding her on the bed and lying with her whilst she naps which is what I usually have to do at home. I don’t mind though as when I am tired I have a little sleep with her too.

That’s really good about Arielle in her bed. Has she managed to do the same this week?

Glad you are feeling better too: it’s so hard being a Mum and can feel like you are doing lots on your own when your partners are at work etc. And at night when you’re up multiple times.

I hope you have a nice weekend planned. We are going t a friends little girls first birthday party which will be nice.

Hope everyone else is doing ok. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:15 am

Hey Nicola,

I'm really glad you had a lovely holiday and that Poppy was really good for you. Your pics on fb of ur hol are really nice.

It is definitely hard to stick to ur normal routine Wen your away n it doesn't hurt to give pouches sometimes. I think they are useful for when your not at home. Your right you can get back to routine when your back home.

I'm glad to hear how well Poppy is doing with her food is great n it's really good if u can give her foods that you have. Arielle loves wheatabix n banana porridge & always has one of them for breakfast n a piece of toast.

It sounds like your doing really well with weaning Poppy n I hope she will continue to eat well for you.

That's really good Poppy would sleep in her travel cot whilst away.
Awww she likes to nap with her mummy is sweet n Def a good opportunity for you to try catch up on sleep.

Thank you.. yea I'm pleased Arielle sleeps better in her cot most nights than she did in her cot. Some nights shel stay in her bed till from about 9.30 til 2am n then end up in bed with me but then other night she only lasted 2/3 hrs n end up in bed with me when I went to sleep just after midnight. But she has had 3 times of sleeping in her bed until 5.45 am & then she would wake n get in bed with me, so she had stayed there for 8/9 hrs n few times she woke up she would get herself back to sleep.

Then last night she slept in her bed from about 9.40 til 4.45am Wen she got in bed with me. So basically that's 4 times in the 2/3 weeks she has been in her own bed that she's slept a good amount of hrs in her bed. So there's Def improvement n I hope she'll continue to sleep long hrs in her bed.

She definitely likes it more now she has new peppa pig n princess bed covers.. its just getting her to stay in there every night but o think she's getting there.
I just need learn to go bed bit earlier at night to get more sleep.

Thanks Nicola, I don't know why I was feeling so down before. Your Def right it is hard work being a full-time mum & doing most stuff ursl self. I wouldn't change it but it can be tough n yea the mum died do most things Wen the dad's at work so much n My bf still working Extra hrs n Wen he is home he's resting mainly so I'm still doing everything n he wonders why I fall asleep Wen he puts s moving on at night... I miss staying up late but if I'm tired I don't care I'd rather sleep.

I hope you enjoyed Ur friends lil girls birthday party.
Mine was ok . I was home mainly n then took Elle to the park.

We are meant to be going to my brother's for the weekend on Saturday hopefully. It's about 1 HR & 20 minutes on the train from mine. But I haven't got a car seat for Elle's age where we don't drive so I'm going to see if my brother's got one.. coz it's a mayb 10 minutes drive from the station.

I'm ok though thanks.. hurt my back again unfortunately.. always happens when IV been doing alot . So I'm trying to take it easy as possible n carry Elle less. She's 22 months old today. So will have to decide soon what to do for her 2nd birthday
Is coming around quickly.

My niece was 4 the other day so it was nice to spend a day with my twin sis n our girls to celebrate her birthday 2 days earlier from it. It's lovely how close Arielle and my niece Sienna are.

I hope ur ok n having a good week n that Poppy has settled back In to her normal routine again.

I hope everyone is well n Wel hear from you soon. X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:07 am

Hi Toni,

Sorry it’s taken a while to reply. We’ve been busy with being away then it was my husbands birthday.

How are you doing? It’s Arielle still sleeping in her bed?

Poppy is doing well in her cot but she’s refusing her bottle again. She always had a bottle for a dreamfeed but the past week she just won’t take it again. I don’t know why. I think she might be teething. I’m hoping she will go back to it as I have spa evening book and paid for for my birthday in a few weeks. She has water from a sippy cup so hoping she might take milk in a worst case scenario. It’s only one feed she will miss whilst I’m out. It’s booked from 4-9 so it’s her bedtime one so I don’t know if she will go to sleep or if I’ll have to put her to bed when I get home.

I’m not getting much sleep at the moment as I’m feeding Poppy for her dreamfeed around 10:30 but it’s taking to midnight to settle her and then she’s up for a feed around 2/3 absolutely then up about 5:30. Hoping maybe she drops a feed soon but doesn’t seem to want to.

Not heard from Butterfly1 for a while. Hope she and jack are ok. X
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Butterfly1 » Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:02 pm

Hi ladies,

I hope you and your little ones are all well?

I am so sorry I haven't posted for a while. I often think of you ladies and keep meaning to check in but time just seems to run away with me.

Wow- lots has been happening!

Poppy sounds like she is doing so well with her sleeping and weaning ! I cant believe she is that old already- where has the time gone??? How are you Nicola?

I am so glad to read Arielle is sleeping better in her bed- bless her. Its amazing how just a couple more hours of unbroken sleep can make such a big difference to how you feel. I hope you are feeling better Toni?

Jack is fab. He babbles away but still no real words which is worrying me a bit but I know he has the understanding so hopefully he will start to say some words soon!! Jack still wakes at least once in the night but soon settles after a feed. I just cant get him to stop breastfeeding!! I know its just habit and that he doesn't need it now but he just screams if I try to refuse him. Do you still feed Arielle, Toni?
I am back at work and hating it. I feel guilty leaving him but my mum has him while I am at work so at least he is in his own home. He is just starting to stir...... I will write again soon I promise!

Take care

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby kesar0106 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:22 pm

When you are in the thick of pregnancy and faced with countless doctors appointments, being weighed every few weeks, poked, prodded and questioned, it makes you start to question your body.

Pregnancy is perhaps one of the few times in a woman’s life where Black magic specialist is heavily scrutinized, and the number on the scale becomes the hyper focus of attention. On top of this, we are often given “information” about our weight throughout our pregnancy that has us questioning how we’re eating or if we can truly trust what our bodies are needing
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Fri Sep 07, 2018 3:57 pm

Hey ladies,

Sorry my late reply also.. IV been meaning to get on here for while.
Time Def goes fast with lil ones.

I hope you Nicola & Butterfly and ur bubba's are all well.

Thank u.. I have been proud of how Arielle was sleeping in her new bed. She did have some nights of staying in there for quite a few hrs before ending up in my bed.

She still will go to sleep in her bed for a while but most nights still wakes up after a few hrs sleep n comes to bed with me. Once she has woken up I can't get her back into her bed again. But I'll keep at it and hope she'll start Having longer sleeps in her bed before we put her bed back in her own bedroom again.

Ur right thou Butterfly the nights Arielle has slept longer hrs in her bed does make a difference but IV like become use to having broken sleep most nights with her.

I'm ok thou just busy with Elle n I still try have a quick nap with her in the day if I can if when I'm tired.. it's good to be able to do this some days or its too hard to get through the rest of the day.

Nicola I'm hope you had a lovely holiday away n Ur husband enjoyed his birthday.

Well done to Poppy for doing well in her cot us great news.
Sorry to hear Poppy is refusing her bottle at night. I think you are right that it could be coz she is teething . Elle use to refuse her bottle Wen teething sometimes so I would end up giving more breastfeeds.. I hope Poppy will take this bottle again soon. So u can go to ur birthday spa day sounds fun. Hopefully Poppy's teething will stop bothering her so shel go back to her bottle coz it must be so hard for you breastfeeding so much. Ur doing a great job. I hope u are getting naps n you get more sleep at night soon. It's good Poppy feeds well but I know it must be hard for u.

Butterfly good to hear from you again.. I'm glad to hear Jack is doing well. Awww it's cute Wen they babble away. Don't worry I'm sure words will come to him soon.. they all develop at different stages.. it's good he has the understanding.. he's still very young so he has plenty time to learn words.

Arielle is obviously alot older.. she's 22 months old so nearly 2 on October 15th.. she still babbles away loads she is a chatter box n alot of it I don't know what she's saying. She does say some words now n calls me mummy and mum sometimes is really sweet .. she just started saying it about a week ago. She loves peppa pig and her favourite is In the night garden she's obsessed.. watching it n reading books of it .. is what we use to get her to sleep at night.

I'm sorry Jack still wakes in the night but one feed in the night is not too bad.. It must be a comfort thing. No Arielle doesn't feed in the night. As I said she wakes in the night for cuddles but is not interested in milk.
I stopped breastfeeding her when she was 18 months old but for a while it was just one breastfeed in the morning n she had been having a bottle of milk before bed for a long while. I only would give her extra breastfeeds Wen she was teething n off her bottles.

Even now Arielle still has a bottle of milk in the morning and a second one before bed but it's cows milk.

I'm sorry u feel guilty leaving jack to go work.. it must be so hard for u. But it's great he's with ur mum n Ur doing nothing wrong. I bet u both really miss each other Wen u are at work. But I hope it gets easier in time n well done u. I know it must be super hard. I'm lucky I still am with Arielle at home every day even thou I find it hard it being just us two most of the time. I'm dreading the day I go work n she goes nursery.. so Il be asking you for tips. But don't worry I'm sure Jack loves being with his nanny n he is lucky to have that time with her n then Wen he's with you again I bet it makes it extra special.

I hope u and Jack are well and I hope you Nicola and Poppy are well.

Hope to hear from you both soon.

I hope u have a great weekend.

I haven't had a break from Elle for a long while so hopefully Tomo shel with her dad in the day so I can have time out to myself to go meet my sis for lunch n drinks. It be nice to have a break especially cause my bf has been working Extra hrs n most Sundays so Its been just me and Arielle alot.

Anyway take care n I hope you are all well X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:05 pm

Hi Butterfly1

Lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying being back at work - how many days are you working? I’m already dreading going back and I’ve still got a few months yet. It’s so hard isn’t it. I’m fortunate that I’m doing a job share so am only doing 2.5 days a week and Poppy will be in nursery for a day and then with my Mum for a day and a half.

Poppy is crawling now (commando style) so she’s into everything and can’t stay still. Ha great fun.

She’s sleeping really well (the past week) going down around 7-7:30 and sleeping until 4. She’s managed to self settle when she wakes up before that. Her bottom two teeth are now through so think that’s settled her a little - we’ll until next time.

How old is jack now? I bet he just misses you being back at work and wants the extra cuddles with you so is wanting to feed still. I don’t know when I’ll be able to stop feeding Poppy - she hates the bottle and doesn’t really like milk in her sippy cup, plus she feeds to sleep.

Toni - hope you managed to get a little bit of a break.
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