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Heart is broken...

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:33 am

Toni - so you didn't have to have the sweep then?! That is good. I really don't think it will be long now then. What do they do at your induction?

It's sad about my friend, they are doing her a referral to a miscarriage clinic though for some blood tests which is a good start.

The hospital did say we should wait for one period before we tried again so at least this way I've done all they have advised. It happens when it's supposed to and I'm going to try and not over think these things.

Butterfly1. It's lovely to hear from you. How are you getting in? My dreaded AF has arrived but it's the green light we needed really to try again so hopefully this is out month for a sticky baby. Really trying not to obsess over timings etc but it's hard. Hope everything's going ok for you?

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Butterfly1 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:07 pm

Hi ladies. I hope you are both well.

Nicola, I'm sorry your AF as arrived but like you say, at least now you can really go for it having followed medical advice and knowing your body is in a good place to conceive again. I truly hope this is your month and I have everything crossed for you.
I am ok thank you. My scan date seems to be taking forever to arrive which is stressing me a little but I am extremely tired and I am now struggling to hide a little bump so I hope they are good signs that things are ok.

Sitting here waiting for baby arrival news and positive pregnancy test result news !!!! :)

Take care

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sat Oct 08, 2016 6:56 am

Hi Butterfly1

It's ok, I have done as the hospital advised now so at least next time I won't be worried did I wait long enough etc. I don't want to find any reason I could blame myself so best to take their advice. Let's hope this is the month.

That's great you're getting a little bump - I bet that feels amazing :D

As always I shall keep you posted. Not sure how I'll feel when I get that positive, after the last 2 I think I'll be living in fear for 9 months but I'll just take it a day at a time. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat Oct 08, 2016 8:05 am

Hey Nicola, No I didn't need the sweep which I am glad off. Iv heard about women who have had up to 3 & they didn't work so im glad I didn't put myself through the pain n stress of having one done.

An induction. . Im not exactly sure what they do. .. il have to read up on it if I need one which I hope I don't but iv heard they stick a pessarie up u or put a gel on you which is meant to induce u by bringing on contractions so hopefully it will bring on u labour but its meant to be more intense then if u have natural labour. U could go into labour same day like few hrs later or it could take a couple days. . Is why iv been booked in for a x section 2 days later in case it doesn't work.

I'm now a week late n since yesterday got such bad backache n cramps so I hope it will happen naturally today but u just never no. Iv had pain in my tummu in the night n this morning but doesn't feel like contraction n I feel sick.

It is so sad about ur friend.. I really feel for her n so wish this hadn't happened.
Its good they are referring her to a clinic for tests n I hope this will help her.

Yes exactly you have done everything ur hospital advised by waiting a month before ttc n it will definitely happen wen its meant to. So I am glad you got u af so soon u can start trying n I pray for you to get a positive n healthy result.
I hope ur af ain't too painful n it be over soon. .. it's good u got it within 4 wks n didn't have to wait longer.

Butterfly im pleased for u ur getting a lil bump. .. I hope ur feeling ok. Tiredness is normal but I know it can be draining. I remember bein at work 9-6.15 n around 3pm I could barely stay awake n really wanted a nap.
I hope ur scan date comes quickly. .. I know it is hard to wait. What date are u booked in for? I hope it hurrys up n u get a positive result x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:14 pm

Hi Toni,

Maybe your sister is right then and tomorrow is the day - fingers crossed.

Glad you didn't have the sweep, think if I'm ever offered one of those I am going to refuse.

My AF has been fine, it's pretty much as it's always been so that's good. We are feeling ready to try again so hopefully I'll be sharing some good news with you soon.

My friend is so upset. It's so hard to go through once, let alone twice. I hope the hospital see her soon. She's obviously worried because of her age but I told her I had been speaking to you and about your story and she said that helped.

I did a new class on Tuesday called power hoop - it's like hula hooping but with a weighted hoop, I really enjoyed it and I'm feeling good exercising and eating well. It can only help can't it.

Anyway hope to hear some good news from you soon. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:06 pm

Hey Nicola,

I hope u are right n baby is born tomo.. iv had backache n cramps earlier n had a long bath n I even got emotional today coz of pains n feeling frustrated waiting anxiously to have my baby. And worrying about having to have ** section nxt sat if baby ain't born before then.

I went out for a late breakfast to the cafe n to buy photo frames with bf earlier today.

Wen I got home iv been cleaning n doing washing n sorting out photos in the new frames n me n bf watched a film of my choice for a change 'Meet Joe Black' with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins in it... I love it is one of my favourite films.

I think keeping busy has helped me stay calmer n I haven't had much pains since last mayb 5 hrs so I definitely don't feel myself going into labour at the moi even though id like to tonight....

Thanks n yea sweep sounds painful n bit scary n I don't think it's worth having it wen it doesn't definitely work.

I'm glad ur AF is ok n not too painful for u. I am pleased u are feeling ready to try again n I think ur positive attitude u have will help u alot to have a good chance to conceive soon n I have every thing crossed for u to have a healthy pregnancy very soon. .. n il continue to pray for you ;)

I can't wait for u to share ur good news with me soon ;)

I'm so sorry for ur friend. .. its so unfair. It shouldn't happen to anyone once let alone twice... Yeah I hope the hospital see ur friend soon as well n that they can help her.

I'm glad uf what you told her sbou me helps her... if I can get my 3rd time lucky rainbow baby at age 39 so can she. I remember thinking was I mad to ttc a third time but u can't give up n there's always hope n a chance to get u healthy pregnancy n baby unless doctors tell u otherwise. Plus u can't give up what ur heart truly wants if there's a chance it could work out well.

Oh wow its so good n positive to hear how ur looking after urself doing exercise n eating well... good on u n well done ;)

Ur class power hooping sounds different n sounds fun. glad u enjoyed it.

I wouldn't mind doing something like that once im well enough to exercise again after my baby is born.

There's a gym near my flat which u can just pay for individual classes so il try to get to some after baby is born. .. I especially like dance classes n use to do zumba n st dance classes before n I want to start going for long power walks again n my bf is guna get us an exercise bike to use n get me s weights n kettle bells so il be glad to get back into exercise. ..I miss it n will want to go back to my original weight was 8.3 stone. ... where as being pregnant iv gone up nearly 3 stone to 11 stone. Midwife says im not over eriu n its mainly baby n water im carrying but insi still want to get to my original weight.

Hopefully il share good news with u soon. .. I just don't know wen that will be.

Take care n I hope u enjoy rest of u wknd.

X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:38 pm

Hi Toni,

Any sign today? I really hope so. I bet the waiting is frustrating you now.

My AF seems to be finishing too which is how it usually is for me and has lasted 4 days so I feel positive that my cycle is back and regular again. I still haven't heard anything from the hospital re my blood tests so going to chaw yo my doctor tomorrow - it would be good to get them done in the next few weeks incase I do catch again this month.

I'm enjoying the class and I've always stayed fit and healthy. (I've ran the London marathon twice, couldn't do it now mind). I'm sure once baby is here the weight will drop off you quickly as you are small anyway. Plus at least a stone will be baby and water weight if not more. Do you plan to breastfeed? I think that helps with weight loss.

I don't think I'll weigh myself when I'm pregnant and just do it when I'm at the midwife as it doesn't matter really as if you are eating well and exercising a little then it's just what you need to gain. If you have ** section though you may need a little longer to recover.

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:57 pm

Hey Nicola ;)

Nope im still pregnant. Iv been busy today. ...iv been really avtive with walking, going to the shops, carrying bags, cleaning, cooking n sorting n putting away clothes. I thought that would help labour happen but it juu gave me groin n back pain n cramps n no labour. So it looks like il be 9 days late tomo.

The wait is frustrating n makes me anxious too.

That is great that ur af is finishing n that its lasting 4 days like u said is regular for u normally. It shows ur body is going back to normal so soon u can start ttc again.

Oh that is shame u haven't heard ba about ur blood tests n I hope ur doctor can chase it up for u. What are u hoping to find out from them?

I'm glad ur enjoying ur class n wow u sound super fit to have run a marathon before. .. my bf has run it before too.

It's good that u enjoy looking after urself... exercise is definitely good for u mentally as well as physically n helps build ur confidence.

Yeah ur right hopefully. ...Midwife seems sure il loose tu weight quickly n she thinks most if it is baby n water weight... so hopefully it will me quickly.

I don't know re breastfeeding. It's always kinda freaked me out the thought of it but I may try it if I can n if I doesn't work for baby or I can't do it il bottle feed.

I'm prepared either way as in iv got nursing brad n breast pads n breast pump. But iv also got a bottle sterilizer that my sister gave me n iv got baby bottles n ready made milk to take the hospital with me in case I can't breastfeed.. so il see what happens.
As long as baby is gaining weight n healthy is main thing. I don't want to feelpressured in to breastfeeding.but.i hope I can try it. My bf ain't pressuring me. ..he says it's up to me n he'd rather I bottle feed so he can feed baby too. just see.

Yeah that is a good idea to not keep weighing urself wen pregnant. It's skwa me who asks midwife if I can jump on the scales at appointments.. where she said she us not concerned re my weight.

But yea u right as long as ur healthy during pregnancy with eating n exercise is what is important.

Yeah ur right iv heard it takes longer to heal from ** section... I'm still hoping for a natural birth.

I hope ur ok...

I should sleep soon. . Every night I think I shouldn't sleep too late in case I go into labour in the night.

If I don't my friend coming to see me again tomorrow n bf will still be at work. X x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:37 am

Hi Toni,

Wow! 9 days Late! I can't believe she's not here already. Maybe today then. Glad your friend is coming to see you so you aren't on your own all day.

When I had the last miscarriage the hospital said I could have some blood tests done, thyroid, blood clotting etc just to rule out some things and to stop me worrying next time. I think I was lucky to be offered them as they usually say after 3 so I took them but I haven't heard anything and it's been a month. Don't want to get pregnant and not be able to have the tests if there is something simple that needs fixing. I'm sure there's not but it rules it out.

I've always been quite active and I was running a little with my last pregnancy as the midwife said it was fine but I think next time I'll stop as I worry I could have done it. I would rather not run so I don't have that worry next time and I can do lots of power walking instead.

I agree with the breastfeeding, I would like to try but if I can't I won't be to upset. As long as the baby is getting fed it doesn't matter.

Will be thinking of you today and hoping today is the day :D xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:17 am

Hey Nicola,

Iv just woke in night on sofa n read u message. I'm still pregnant and now its gone 2am im officially 10 days late.
I can't believe how late I am.

Thanks it was good my friend visited me today. .. we went to the cafe for breakfast with her son n iv never found it so hard to walk coz of the weight n pressure of baby.

I swear I had 3 contractions. 1 in the cafe & 1 on our way back to mine where I nearly dropped in the st and I kept laughing even thou it hurt coz her son was so funny n telling jokes n saying push to me.

Then I think I had 1 back at mine on the sofa.... It was so painful n I was crying.

My friend stayed with me til my bf got home from work coz I didn't want to be alone. But I never got any more... so my last one was about 5pm.

So it doesn't look like I was in labour after all.

I'm hoping it will happen today n I won't need to be induced at 12 days late on Thursday but u just don't know. ..

My friend will come back to see me tomorrow in case it happens again n if im still pregnant Wednesday my twin sis will come see me about 1pm after uni...

Oh I see so that is what ur blood tests are for. I hope u get them very soon n before u get pregnant again to put ur mind at ease. It's good ur hospital offered them to u and I understand why u would want them done.

My hospital never offered me any tests and Just said they don't think there's any problems... that its just something that unfortunately happens n one doctor even conpared it to wen a computer has a fault n just stops working for no reason. .. but they said they wouldn't even consider doing any tests until if I was to have another miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy n it had to be 3 in a row.

So its good ur hospital are willing to test u now. Im sure u have nothing wrong with u n can get healthily preg again n carry to fullterm but it will be reassuring for u to have the tests.

I think its so good n positive how active a person u are n u sound like u enjoy it too.

Don't beat urself up for going for a run wen u were preg las time as lots of people exercise wen preg n iv heard its fine especially wen uv always exercised then itd fine to carry on throughout preg.

My twin sis is active n use to teach zumba classes that I use to go to 3 times a week. Wen she was pregnant for 4th time with her 2 yr old girl she carried on teaching classes til near end of her pregnancy. .. but as she got bigger she wouldn't do it with as high impact n her friends would stand in the stage with her n help her show the class what to do.... I use to be worried seeing her on the stage still teaching zumba so late in pregnancy but she reassured me how she was ok n being careful.

So I think exercise while being preg is fine if ur careful.

But I understand u wanted to be careful re it wen pregnant.

With this pregnancy I took it easier at work than with my other two coz I didn't want to be carrying anything heavy or lifting up a kid n then something go wrong n id think that was why so I was extra cautious.

Where I was trying to stay fit whilst trying to concieve this time I hadn't been to classes in a while but I was going for regular power walks n I remember wen I found I was 4+5 pregnant I thought right im not going to be scared n I carried on going for power walks regular. But I remember going for a power walk in my local park days after I found out I was preg 3rd time n getting a pain on my right side where ovary is which is side they suspected an ectopic for my second preg... first I put my hand over it n breathed slowly n carried on power walking but it started to really hurt so I thought not risking this so I cut my power walk shorter n slowly walked home.

Im sure I wasn't doing any harm but I panicked what if something was wrong n I knew like u if something did go wrong id blame it on myself for over doing things so I slowly walked home.

I didn't power walk again coz I was too scared to n I still got twinges n pains especially on that same right side every now n then. I took it easy as I could at work with looking after the toddlers at my nursery job.

Eventually I had my 6+2 week scan n I was happily reassured that my baby was in right place n had heartbeat.

I still carried on taking it easy m only exercise I did was going for walks but not power walking n then I think wen I was about 20 wks pregnant I started doin my pre natel pilates dvd 50 min workout once a week.

Then wen I was about 22 wks pregnant I started getting spd- pelvic groin pain and as advised by my doctor I continued to do my pilates work out but instead of doing a 50 min work out once a week I started to do just a 10/20 min work out up to 3 times a week. .. to help strengthen my pelvis as they say will make labour n birth a bit easier. I also continued to go for a normal say half hr walk maybe once or twice per week n as well as my job being active job I felt that was enough exercise for me.

Then last couple months of preg I cut down my pilates workouts and I think I stopped them completely about a month beore I was due as was its too painful
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:23 am

Sorry my msg sent before I was ready. ....

So im glad iv stayed active during this preg but that iv taken it easy too n u have to listen to ur body.

Its ok to be extra cautious after what u been thru but some exercise in moderation is also healthy n fine for u during pregnancy n proved to not have harmed me or my pregnancy this time.

So I definitely understand what u are saying what exercise level ul do wem ur pregnant again.

Yeah I agree with u re the breast feeding n I too will just wait n see as long as baby is gaining weight n healthy is what is important.

I hope u are ok... n ur day has been ok...

I should try get some sleep.

I was hoping to go into labour tonite but it doesn't look likely now.

Speak soon. X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:43 am

Wow!! She must be so cosy in there then :D hopefully it won't be long now, it's not good if you're uncomfortable.

I called my doctors this morning and asked how long it would be for the blood tests and they told me to call the hoistal, I've spoken to them today and they said it's about 3 months! She said I will just get a pack from the hospital to take to my GP who will do the tests and they will send them back to the hospital. Such a long winded process. We are going to try anyway and see what happens over the next few months so who knows if I'll be pregnant by the time the pack arrives.

I think i will try and stay active next time around but I'll ask my doctor what they think and if there is anything I shouldn't be doing.

We are feeling positive for next time though and I will keep you updated.

Can't wait to hear when little one is here and you will have to tell me all about what it's like being a new mum.

Speak soon.

Take care xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:46 pm

Hey Nicola,

I know it's crazy im still pregnant 10 days late. I am uncomfortable n bouncing n sitting on my gym ball hoping to go into labour. My baby is too comfy for sure.

After I messaged u last night I tried to sleep but was having difficulty breathing for ages. .. must be heart burn n indigestion. So I went to the bathroom to take some gaviscon but I didn't coz I was violently sick n throat burning. My tummy hurt but no contractions... u went back to bed m eventually fell asleep.

Iv heard before labour ur body clears it self out so its normal to get sick but this is 3rd time in last few weeks.

Iater this morning just felt drained n finding it hard to breath n tummy felt bit dodgy so I took gaviscon n bf got me hot water bottle before he went work n I managed to get more sleep.

My friend didn't come today coz her daughter is ill. But iv been ok.. managed to eat n now guna have bath after sitting on this ball for a while.

Im scared of needing to be induced Thursday n more so scared of needing c section on Saturday but all I can do is try stay calm n keep hoping to go into natural labour before Thursday morning. ...

Wow 3 months us such a long time to wait for ur pack to have ur tests done at ur doctors. ...

Its true u could so be pregnant before u get to have the tests... bjt either way ut will still be good n reassuring for u to have the tests done.

Yeah that sounds good idea for u to stay active during ur next pregnancy with advice from ur doc.

I'm so glad u n u hubby are feeling positive for next time... I think that is really good for u to feel that way and I'm feeling really positive for you too ;)

I wondered if u watched Eastenders last night was so emotional to see n touched a nerve so I just wanted to warn u if u watch it be prepared.

I cried after it but I was crying for other things to do with me n my bf m every thing that has happened over past two yrs. I told him how October 28th is date our second baby would of been age @ and I felt sad about ut n started crying. I told bf I want to light a candle n how I ju can't forget our angel babies or dayes ebeu though I know we are blessed with this pregnancy n that I know out baby will definitely be born before October 28th.

My bf was sweet n supportive about it all n he let me speak about it n be was speaking about it to me too admitting how sad it was n he said he'd light a candle with me on our baby 1st birthday would of been date.

It was relief him talking with me as its really hard to get him to n was even two weeks after our second loss.

He admitted to me how the second time I got pregnant coz it was so quickly after the first time n miscarriage. .. he admitted he didn't fully believe in our second pregnancy tgau it was real n would work out... not until we got to have a 12 wks scan which we didn't have coz we only made it to 7 wks.

I told him coz we had lost our first baby n the second one was convieved so quickly after I tried to believe we couldn't keep our first one coz we were meant to keep our second baby n wen that went wrong I didn't understand it could happen twice but at the same time they were so close together it felt like one big loss n I can't believe we tried a 3rd time coz I was so scared to.

Dave said how coz it took a whole 7 months for us to get pregnant this 3rd time he was able to believe it was real more n be more confident it would turm out well.

I said I understand what he is saying but for me with our second pregnancy I had to believe it way real unlike him coz being a woman u feel preg with symptoms.

Obviously im truly great ful we are in the situation we are now with our pregnancy n healthy baby. ..

It just all doesn't go away even wen u do get healthy preg again. It still hurts. But I think it will make this baby more precious n more of a miricale wen she's born even more so. Holding her will hopefully help the pain.

I don't want to sound ungreatful its just how I feel. .. is why I know wen u will soon be pregnant again u may feel the same.

I think I over think things too much especially since iv left work two months ago so I have too much time to think n especially as every day im just waiting to meet my princess.

Thanks for bein so sweet n il tell u wen she is here hopefully very soon n as u get pregnant n get bigger n bigger il give u any tips ir advice I can n yea il tell u what its like to be a new mum soon n then before u know it ul be a new mum urself.

Il keep praying for u n ur future healthy baby n im sending u lots a baby dust n positive vibes x x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:41 pm

Hi Toni,

It sounds like she can't be too far off then if you are having pains and being sick. I am really hoping she comes today or tomorrow so you don't need the induction on Thursday or the c section.

I know I can't believe about the doctors. 3 months for a blood test and then 8 weeks to get the results?! It's so silly. We have said that if it happens again we might pay to have the blood tests done privately so it's done as after the PUl and a missed miscarriage I can't keep going through the pain of it all but we are going to give it another try and I know miscarriage is so common.

I didn't see eastenders last night but my boss told me about it, I'm glad I didn't watch it as I would have got upset. I think it's miscarriage awareness week this week.

It's good you can speak to your boyfriend about how you feel and lighting a candle is such a nice way to remember our angel babies in heaven. I am going to do the same in April and even though you are pregnant of course you will think about them. I really hope I am pregnant by April and all is well but it won't make it any easier on that day as I'll be sad we had to lose not one baby but two. The only positive is when you eventually do have your baby you will understand the reason you had to go through the pain to have that baby. I can tell your little girl is going to be so cared for and loved :D

My husband is very positive and he thinks next time it's all going to be ok so I have faith too. I didn't really have any symptoms with either of my pregnancies so I think if I had some symptoms this time then I would feel a lot better about things.

I've been taking royal jelly supplements as I've heard it's good for fertility. Got to try whatever I can for next time around.

It won't be long now until she is here so just try and relax and be patient. You have waited a long time for this and the end is in sight. Xxx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:00 pm

Thank U Nicola... I really hope ur right re my symptoms means that my baby will be here soon by today or tomo... fingers crossed. Iv prayed n asked her to be born before induction n c section... I just have to wait n see...

Yeah ur wait for blood tests n then results is ridiculously long.

That is a good idea maybe have private blood tests wen ur preg again. .. I know exactly how u feel after I had a Miscarriage n then PUL myself I was so scared to be pregnant a 3rd time but... I remember my hand shaking with my positive pregnancy test in my hand.

My twin sis was so positive about my pregnancy which helped n she kept saying this is my rainbow baby. But I was scared to believe all was well n thought id just die if Iost a 3rd baby.
But I kept praying n hoping n trying to believe all would be well and like ur hubby my partner was pisiu from the beginning of our pregnancy n he kept saying this is our time now n it helped me to believe more n im so glad be was right....

Oh really yeah eastenders so sad n ots like u can picture it being urself n reliving it so its prob best not to watch it is too upsetting.

In a way im glad we watched it coz made my bf talk about it n then it was easier for me to talk about what ee have been through n for him to listen n to open up about it too... coz we rarely talk about it n is partly why I joined this forum coz I need to talk about it sometimes still.

Yeah lighting a candle for our lost babies in heaven is nice thing to do n like last time il say a lil prayer too.

Yeah it will be nice for u also to light a candle for ur baby in April n im very confident ul be preg by then in dix months from now it is.

Ur right even though u can be happy n greatful to be healthy preg u still feel sad for the loss of the babies uv lost n of course its more heart breaking to have lost not one but two babies.

That is why I believe ul get ur 3rd time lucky baby like I did very soon ;)

Yeah u are so right. ... last night my bf was saying how our two babies we lost eas because they paved the way n sacrificed their lives to let our baby girl now be with us... which I thought was sweet to say but him saying that last night made me cry even more.

Awww thank u ;) Yeah ur right my little girl will be so cared for n loved n she already is ;)

Im pleased ur hubby is so positive re ur next preg which helps u to be more positive too ;)... he sounds sweet n supportive n that he wants ur next baby as much as u do is really great to hear ;)

Don't worry re symptoms coz they day each pregnancy is different.

My first pregnancy I had cramps n felt sock but no throwing up n my 2nd preg I had cramps n felt sick n was throwing up but then this preg I had cramps n felt sick n throwing up so u just never know....
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:09 pm

I sent msg coz my battery is dying n I didn't want to loose my whole long msg before sending it.

But I do know this preg I kept getting pain by my right ovary ehiu scared me but it just goes to show all was ok m I think the pains were coz they say after an ectopic ( if I had one where they weren't sure if was miscarriage or ectopic) it shows u are just more aware of pain like after my second preg loss I use to feel pain wen id ovulate.

So I know its easier said than done but try to not over think symptoms wen u get pregnant again n try to stay positive n get reassurance of ur doctor n il reassure you too n before u know it ul have a healthy early scan ;)

Its great ur taking jelly supplements n being healthy ;)

Thank u... il try relax n be patient more as I wait for my baby girl.

Il msg u wen I have her which hopefully be before sat m before induction on Thursday ;) Thanks so much for ur support. Soon it will be u counting down days til ur rainbow baby is born. Just like me ;) x x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:07 pm

She's going to be here soon I just know it. I'm so excited for you. Just think this time last year you wanted to be pregnant and were so scared of being pregnant and now you're so close to having your baby in your arms. I hope that's the same for me next year.

I'm glad you have been able to take about things with your boyfriend as sometimes you just need to say how you feel. My husband is great and always so positive but he does tell me off if I say anything negative so it's making me be more positive I think.

I am glad you have stayed on this forum and helped others like me as you probably know it's so nice to hear positive stories of pregnancy after loss so thank you.

Will keep checking messages to see when baby has arrived and praying it's before Thursday. Xxx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:43 am

Thank u... I like ur positive thinking re my baby being born soon.
You are so right I can still remember a year ago How much I wanted to be pregnant n starting to think what if it never happens n worrying more coz of my age. I never then could pivture my self a year later heavily preg... I am so greatful for that n its made me feel so relieved I didn't give up n tried to believe I had a chance of it still happening one day for me.

Thank u so much for being so supportive towards me... & especially with everything uv been n are going through. It shows what an amazing and kind person u are.

I do truly believe that it will happen for u too n that a year from now ul remember our conversation n be heavily preg n counting down ur weeks n days till ur due knowing ul have a healthy baby before xmas time ;)

Thank u, I am too glad iv been able to talk with my bf about things coz sometimes he really doesn't want to talk about things so im more greatful the times he does coz otherwise I can start to get para about what he's thinking, like I can remember having thoughts before that mayb he didn't want a baby after all as I felt he wasn't putting enough effort into ttc with me n I was getting upset if I knew we had only ttc at right time like twice wouldn't give us as much chance n one time wen I mentioned it to him I remember him saying he was starting to feel I was just using him like a piece of meat as it started to be the only time I was trying it on with him... I felt bad after but was just so desperate to get preg n the more months it took I was getting so upset n felt it was in my face every day with seeing preg mums n babies at my work. To the point I would hate my boss for getting me to cover in the baby room after knowing my history, coz my fixed room was with toddlers age 2/3.

I'm so glad ur husband it so positive n supportive with u... he sounds so good for u n how he stops u from talking negative. It's exactly what u need.

Awww u don't have to thank me ;) I'm really glad to have stayed on this forum too. I can't believe i joined I think year and a half ago now.

I don't know how I would have coped without havi support of others n hearinu positive stories after losses on here as I was dealing with earlier times since my losses n ttc n starting to feel it may never happen. So it's helped me so much. So it's great to be able to help others like urself on here n its been great talking to u on here.

I truly can't wait to hear the good news wen u get pregnant and i want to be able to support u throughout ur preg n hear about all ur different mile stones of ur pregnancy as u get further along in it ;)

Thanks so much ;) Il be sure to tell u wen baby arrives ;) Today I was even talking to her asking her to please come out before I need an induction on Thursday.

I was hoping to go in to labour last night but no signs except for one contraction last night but that was it.

My twin sis should be coming to see me around 1pm with my 2 yr old niece today n even though im struggling more n more to walk iv asked her can we plu go for a walk today to try help bring on the labour.

If I haven't gone in labour by Thursday morning wen I have to ring hospital re an induction. Im guna see if they will let me wait until evening time to go in for it to give me more time for baby to hopefully come naturally. .. was my bf idea. That is if I get to choose as they may want me in earlier.

Obviously I hope iv had baby or at least in labour Before Tomo morning but time is running out so I can't help but worry.

I guess main thing is it will be better for me to have an induction which would hopefully work than end up having ** section on Saturday so I got to see it as that.

Even my midwife last week suggested me n my bf have sex to try bring my labour on. I don't know if that would work but I know there's no chance of that coz my bf hasn't once wanted to with me during my preg coz hr said he won't risk it with my pregnancy incase it harms the baby ( evet thou its meant to be perfectly safe to) cause we did during our first preg before we lost it n he worried that could have harmed our baby even though doc assured us it wouldn't have. Do he wouldn't chance it with our second preg n not with yjiu one either.

I thought he would after I ea like 20 wks along but he hasn't n with my spd groin pain he has said he doesn't want to hurt me.

I understand that but I think its more coz he's scared of harming our baby.

Iv spoken to my best friend about it coz even thou I understand him being scared to. .. it has knocked my confidence n sometimes made me worry mayb its coz he looks at me as fat now n doesn't fancy me anymore but my friend has reassured me that she just thinks he's scared to coz of our preg history.

I hope she's right coz even if that is true it does knock u confidence n its a shame right now if fout it could help bring on my labour.

Sorry if that is tmi to share with u... its just been playing on my mind especially with pple telling me how that will bring on my labour. .. not that we know it definitely will.

Fingers crossed a longish walk today will help bring it on.

Its my bf last day at work today definitely for two weeks in case we have induction tomo n baby same day. Hel have two weeks holiday n then has to go bak for two days n then wil take two weeks paternity leave so its good hel get a month off.

Anyway il keep u updated if any news.

I hope u are ok n u have a good day.
It must be a relief for u to have prob finished ur af now so u can ttc n know ur another step to fingers crossed being preg again soon.

Il keep praying for u ;) x x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:20 pm

Ahhh I'm still hoping and praying that she comes today or tonight, she's cutting it fine though. As you say though even if you have to have the induction and she comes before Saturday then it stops you worrying about the C section.

It's good your sister is with you today too incase you do go into labour.

I understand why you are concerned about the lack of intimacy with your partner. I always feel I'm pushing my husband when I know I'm ovulating but I don't tell him and I try to make sure that on the other weeks we still do it as often so it isn't all about making a baby. I'm sure your boyfriend is just so worried and doesn't want anything bad to happen and things will go back to normal when you feel ready after having the baby. You have carried his child so it will make you have an even closer bond and I'm sure there isn't anything to worry about.

I brought some ovulation tests today, I said I wasn't going to track things but I just feel I want to know that everything has gone back to normal after the miscarriage so thought I would just track with those for one month and also take my temperature too.

Keep me updated won't you and I hope tomorrow goes ok if she hasn't arrived. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:06 am

Hey, I just read u message. Your right about baby cutting it fine. Im still pregnant.

It was good sis n my niece came up n we walked around the shops for about an hr n I had quite a lot of contractions. Sis was worried my waters would break in sturdy footware was funny n crazy but pains were quite bad.

We got back to my flat n had dinner together n bf was hom then n I had another 1 or 2 contractions but they then stopped.

Me n my bf watched tv n I had another couple contractions n one was really painful as I was trying to get off sofa to go loo. Then iv had no more n woke on sofa at nearly 4am n iv gone to bed.

So its like the walk helped baby get ready but she's still not ready so il ring hospital in 3 hrs as told to to arrange what time to have induction n hopefully give bith later today or tomorrow before needing C Section on Saturday.

Yeah I hope ur right re me n my bf will be close with intimacy after iv healed after the birth. It's just knocked my confidence alot coz we haven't since I found out I was pregnant in January.

I too never told my bf I was ovulating wen I would try it on but he knew as he said once coz I never tried it on other times coz its all I was focused on. But hopefully wel get back on track with things after baby is born.

I hope you are right that he hasn't tried it on coz its just coz he's worried re harming our baby n that we will still be close after baby comes.

So I think it is good u make the effort to be intimate with ur hubby even wen ur not ovulating. Plus it will give u more chance to conceive as well as ur hubby won't feel u only want to to get pregnant.

I think it is a good idea u have ovulationtest kit coz thrn at least ul know n not miss best days to ttc. Coz I use to use an app on my phone to track mine n I don't think it was always right coz its just an average by ur period n wen I did get pregnant this time I don't think it was wen it said I was ovulating so least ul have more chance with ur kity to be accurate n hopefully it will happen quicker that way then the 7 months it took me.

It was funny tonight my bf was saying re us having another baby n I said if we do we need a gap in between like at least 2/3 yrs n he said we should talk about it wen baby is about 5/6 months old coz we can't wait long if we want another one coz we are both nearly 40 & I said yeah true but I don't want to get pregnant wen out baby isn't long been born n have just like a year between them coz I want to enjoy having a baby without being preg at same time straight away. He kept going on about our age saying we won't have time to wait if want a second one.

I said true but im not having a year gap like my oldest sister had wen she had her son n 15 months later she had twin girls.

I said to my bf after we have our baby we have to be careful n use protection for while coz ur meant to be more fertile then.

We agreed to talk about it another time n see how we get on with this baby first.

I thought it was crazy him bringing it up wen im still preg. Its nice to know he wants another one but one at a time I think plus il want to get my body back after giving birth n get back to exercise etc n il definitely want a break from being pregnant especially after spd groin pain iv had for months now.

Plus way I see it is a two year gap would be ok or possible 3 yr gap is not guna make that much difference to our age. Plus I will worry about what if I got preg after n miscarried again.

Mu bf said we have to consider it could take a while to get pregnant again is why we shouldn't wait so long if have another one which I said is true but il definitely want my body to have a break n enjoy our first baby.

I can't believe iv got to ring hospital in 3 and half hrs. Il keep you posted with what happens.

Im hoping I won't need to go in for induction til evening time today to give mr more chance of going into labour before induction.

I hope you are ok m u have a good day x x x
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