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8wks on & wanted to ask some questions

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8wks on & wanted to ask some questions

Post by Iccle_Princess »

Hello again its now been 8weeks since i had an ectopic pregnacy & had my right tube removed i just wanted to ask some questions & talk about a couple things im currently being treated for severe depression i have been for a while but the planned pregnacy was suppose to be a fresh start but now my dr is worried im not dealing with with the loss (as i hate people talking about it as it feels like they have to feel sorry for me) but i wanted to know when can i start to exercise? My belly got quite big quite quick when i was pregnant the drs said at the time it was normal as i had 2 children before but as i am no longer pregnant i had having a tubby tummy my partner loves it he tells me all the time its a beautiful mummy tummy our children grew inside there but that makes me feel worse i hate looking at it im just starting to get used to the scars the 1 in my belly has just gone down it got infected as the stich didnt dissolve fully i want to be sick everytime i have to take my top off or anyone touches it i know this is prob down to the depression but i really want to lose the tubbyness
Thanks again for all the help & advice

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Re: 8wks on & wanted to ask some questions

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Dear Iccle_princess,
I am sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss and will do my best to help. While I appreciate that feeling of wanting to "get back to normal", you have done exactly the right thing in asking about exercise at such a delicate time. With experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, your body is going through a challenging ordeal and it is important to take things easily during your treatment.
With surgery, please allow time for your body to heal internally after the invasive procedure. If you had keyhole surgery, you could start gentle exercise within two weeks of the operation. If you had open surgery then you should wait six weeks for your abdomen to heal.
When resuming exercise, activities like gentle walking or swimming are usually safe as long as the wounds are healing, as these are non-impact sports.

Experiencing an ectopic pregnancy is a huge ordeal and you are in the early stages of recovery. Your body needs time to heal from your surgery which is in itself a gruelling task. You have also had to process the loss of your baby and been through an immense rollercoaster of emotions - all of this will take time to come to terms with.

You should take it very easily for about six weeks after surgery. Your body will be using its energies to heal internally. It is normal to feel physically and emotionally exhausted during this time and please do be kind to yourself. Recovery can take time and some days will be better than others, one day you maybe ok and the next you maybe in discomfort or more emotional. This is perfectly usual and the healing process will go back and forth in this way for however long you need. It is important to listen to your body's signals and pain and feeling tired are your body's signs to tell you to rest. We suggest keeping a healthy balanced diet, drinking lots of water and resting. Once your wounds have healed, very gentle exercise such as a short walk can help, but please do take this slowly.

I am pleased to hear that you are talking to your GP about how you are feeling, but we are all here for you too,
Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: 8wks on & wanted to ask some questions

Post by tebates052512 »

Hi, sorry for your lost.. as per my OB, you can just do brisk walking after 4 months and excercise after 6 mos

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