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Success stories following methotrexate & ruptured tube

This is a welcoming place for you to ask your questions and share your knowledge and experiences of ectopic pregnancy.
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Success stories following methotrexate & ruptured tube

Post by Yas2017 »


In march this year I had methotrexate for ectopic pregnancy. Unfortunately my tube ruptured requiring emergency surgery.

I was hoping to find someone in a similar situation to me with a successful story.


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Re: Success stories following methotrexate & ruptured tube

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Dear Yas2017,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss,
I am unable to give you a personal experience as I did not have surgery however I did go on to have 2 successful pregnancies following methotrexate injection.
Studies suggest the chances of pregnancy are about same irrespective of type of treatment - Expectant management or medical management or surgery and the chances of a further ectopic after a first in UK is 10%. So thats 90% chance of the embryo being in right place next time.

Generally, when a person has only one fallopian tube and both ovaries, they are still able to get pregnant from an egg at the opposite ovary as an egg from one ovary can travel down the tube on the other side. The fallopian tubes are not attached to the ovaries and, at the point of ovulation, some very delicate structures called the fimbriae begin to move gently creating a slight vacuum to suck the egg toward the end of the tube it is nearest to (like lots of little fingers waving and drawing the egg towards it). So, if you have only one tube then there is only one set of receptors working and one set of fimbriae creating a vacuum and so the egg is much more likely to find its way to that tube, whichever ovary it is produced from. Conservative estimates suggest that an egg produced on the tubeless side manages to descend the remaining tube around 15 to 20% of the time.

While generally it is possible to conceive after an ectopic pregnancy, the amount of time it takes varies from couple to couple. Factors include age, general health, reproductive health and how often you have sex, among other things. It may be comforting to know that 65% of women are successfully pregnant within 18 months of experiencing an ectopic pregnancy and some studies suggest this rises to around 85% after two years.

Making the decision to begin trying to conceive is an emotional rollercoaster compounded by our sad loss. Again, you are not alone. We here emotional support whenever you need us. There is a specific TTC board you can look at too whenever feel ready.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: Success stories following methotrexate & ruptured tube

Post by More2come »

Hi didnt want to read and run. I have only had the methotrexate shot. I too am 1 month post methotrexate. Mass is still in my tube. Everything i have read says chances of having a successful pregnancy again is high. I look foward to making another baby. Best of luck

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