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Advice needed

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Advice needed

Post by Vdownham »

I had my ectopic in sept 18, endometriosis was also discovered. Since then my cycle has been 32-34 days.
Last cycle was 28 days, but I am now on day 40 with no sign of my period and ache in my left shoulder blade for the last week.
I went to my gp and he told me to just keep waiting as hpt and blood tests were as accurate as each other and that I've probably just pulled a muscle. He said if it was ectopic symptoms would show up later.
Obviously I am feeling quite anxious and felt this was quite dismissive! I've just phoned another doctor today who told me that shoulder pain wasnt even a symptom! This is again making me very anxious as I know it is!
I'm currently off work... so I dont know if I ahlukd just listen to these doctors and go back to work and see what happens or actually I dont even k is what else I can do?
Thanks for reading

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Re: Advice needed

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Dear Vdownham,
Sadly I am not medically trained so cannot give you specific advice on your symptoms.
Periods can be delayed for a number of reasons including stress or even (as surprising as it may sound) excessive exercise or weight loss. Doctors normally consider menstrual cycles of between 23-42 days to be within normal parameters. If you have not had your expected period, we would advise retesting, using an early morning urine sample in a further week.
Having said this, as you are aware shoulder tip pain can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy and as you are at the upper limit of days for a cycle, I would advise asking your GP again for a blood test for hCG. If you experience any worsening pain, or dizziness, please seek urgent medical advice.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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