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Anyone had experience of not ovulating after EP?

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Anyone had experience of not ovulating after EP?

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Hi all,
Having a pretty bad morning as just been at hospital for a scan and it looks as though I’m not ovulating. I was just beginning to feel a bit better after my ruptured ectopic pregnancy 3 months ago and this news has just floored me. I had to take provera last month as my periods hadn’t come back and I just wanted it to be good news this morning. I’ve never had problems with ovulating before and I’m so worried that it’s not going to come back and I’m not going to be able to conceive again now. I’m to go back to the hospital next week to discuss scan and results of blood tests which they took this morning. I wondered if anyone else had experienced problems with ovulation after an ectopic pregnancy and if so whether they found anything helped? I would really like to get my cycle back on track but just don’t know what to do. Feeling pretty hopeless at the moment xxx

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Re: Anyone had experience of not ovulating after EP?

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Hi Gemb9,

I'm sorry to hear you are going through this worrying time. As I'm not medically qualified, I cannot comment or advise on your specific situation. I noticed that there were no other replies to your post, and wanted to make sure you knew that we are here and listening. I hope that your follow-up appointment provided additional details and certainty. I'd encourage you to continue making sure your questions are heard and answered by your medical team in regards to this situation.

With good wishes,


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