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Hasn’t hit me yet

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Hasn’t hit me yet

Post by MrsV1985 »

So that’s it.. I have just got home after having my left Fallopian tube removed after suffering another ectopic pregnancy.. that’s 4 pregnancies all ectopic.. lost my right tube in November 2018 and just lost my left tube.. I really don’t think it’s hit me yet.. I’ve been pregnant 3 times in the last year and have 0 babies to show for it just a lot of heartache and scars.. now I have no chance of falling pregnant naturally and I will have to do IVF.. I just can’t believe it’s happened again.. I knew I was pregnant for about 3 weeks all that time of thinking and wishing and planning and suddenly it all stops.. I felt absolutely fine I had no pains no bleeding nothing at all! Went for my scan Friday and they couldn’t see anything assumed too early to see, then go for my bloods and my hcg only risen slightly then that’s when the dread kicks in.. then have my second scan and she sees my tiny baby in my tube xxxx

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Re: Hasn’t hit me yet

Post by Kayjayleo »

Oh Hun I’m so sorry :( I’m going through similar but managed to save my left tube, my only tube now and god knows of it even works ! So only option is IVF, top it off my mate had her baby today! This is such a hard time for you and I do think your gonna be in shock for a few weeks at least x about to embark on ivf at the end of the month, just take each dY as it comes , the cloud will lift xx

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