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Intense cramps 3 days after surgery

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Intense cramps 3 days after surgery

Post by Alexandra80 »

I had my left tube removed due to an ectopic pregnancy 3 days ago. Since yesterday afternoon I’m getting intense period-type pain that doesn’t go away with paracetamol and ibuprofen combined. I’m also getting heavy spotting (red). I’m thinking it’s the womb lining being shed after hormones started dropping but it’s SO painful. I have slight paranoia that it could be a double ectopic though - my scans pre-surgery showed 2x corpus lutem (on the left) so although it’s unlikely, it’s theoretically possible that an egg managed to get to the other tube and bedded down there.

Has anyone else had experiences with a lot of pain a few days after surgery?

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Re: Intense cramps 3 days after surgery

Post by tallbutterfly2 »

Hi I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been through :( as if it’s not horrible enough! if you are worried it would be best to speak to a doctor/hospital as soon as possible, I had pains 2 weeks after my left tube was removed (not as intense like you are describing) and the hospital were more than happy to rescan me, blood tests etc to check everything was going as it should. I hope this gets sorted for you soon xxx

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Re: Intense cramps 3 days after surgery

Post by NinjaPenguin »

I got rescanned when I got pains. It was really reassuring. I would definitely recommend going to the early pregnancy unit, just for peace of mind.

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