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PUL but doubling hcg -- was ectopic correct diagnosis?

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PUL but doubling hcg -- was ectopic correct diagnosis?

Post by Ranja »

Sorry for the multiple posts on here, but have more questions! I will be check with my doctor today but like I mentioned, the language barrier living in another country can make things challenging.

I was recently diagnosed with ectopic, but doctor couldn't find the gestational sac and my hcg has increase 123% in the last 48 hour check. I had no symptoms besides some lower back pain on the right side which was at times quite painful, but nothing in the pelvic area or any bleeding.

She treated me with mtx as she was worried that if we waited it might be diagnosed too late and cause additional problems. However, now I am really wondering if she acted too soon and the baby just needed additional time to be seen on the U/S. I am really freaking out now after reading some articles that I was not a likely candidate of an ectopic pregnancy and was misdiagnosed.

Can anyone provide any insight here? Did anyone have a similar experience?

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Re: PUL but doubling hcg -- was ectopic correct diagnosis?

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear Ranja,
Diagnosing ectopic pregnancy can be difficult as there are no definitive symptoms of ectopic pregnancy and some ladies do not have any symptoms at all.

If scans are inconclusive, doctors would carry out a series of blood tests to check hCG levels to see if the numbers are rising as expected. However, in isolation, hCG tests only provide a part of the picture - declining levels indicate that a pregnancy has ended and will be miscarried. It can also possibly indicate an ectopic pregnancy that is "self-resolving". Also hCG levels rising by less than 66% over 48 hours means it is likely (but not certain) that it is ectopic. If levels rise normally, they suggest the pregnancy is implanted in the uterus. You may see from this that hCG levels only indicate certain possibilities and are not in themselves a definitive guide.

I am sorry but I am not medically trained and without access to your medical notes, we would not be able to comment on your individual case.
Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: PUL but doubling hcg -- was ectopic correct diagnosis?

Post by Ausgirl1 »

Hi Ranja,

I am not medically trained so it’s hard to make any conclusive thoughts.

I thought I would share my story in the hope that it helps you. I too had doubling HCG levels that were normal for a pregnancy growing in the uterus. When the hospital did an ultrasound they couldn’t find the sac but found it in the tube. As it was doubling normally this can be very dangerous because it means it’s growing fast... well that’s what I was told.
I have decided to seek medical advice to get questions answered. So I would recommend getting your medical documents and talking to a specialist about what happened and the decision made if you feel assist in the recovery process.


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Re: PUL but doubling hcg -- was ectopic correct diagnosis?

Post by Fox921 »

Just sharing my experience of this, I had it the other way.

My EPU decided that although I had PUL, right abdomen pain, right back pain, right shoulder pain, nausea and light headed, because my HCG was over doubling in 48h they ruled out an ectopic pregnancy and told me I wasn’t in enough pain and to go to my GP as it was probably an appendicitis.

Two days later my tube was removed in emergency surgery at a different hospital as it was ectopic :( we’ve seen the photos, and the surgeons did an absolutely amazing job. We found out through this amazing trust and the NHS that 15% of ectopic pregnancies have normal HCG activity and 10% of PUL are ectopic. :( there are stories online of other outcomes, but my main advice is to listen to your body and if you’re ever in doubt get a second opinion, as your body will be telling you in its own way ❤️ Our second opinion probably saved my life x

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