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Period pain

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Period pain

Post by sammy6 »

Hi everyone,

I wanted to just ask if anybody else experiences pain when on your period on the side the tube was removed following an ectopic pregnancy? Its been nearly one year since the operation but I do feel pain on one side, is this quite normal?

Sam x

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Re: Period pain

Post by EPT Host 22 »

Hi Sammy6,

It can be very normal to feel pains after surgery (even a long while after) for ectopic pregnancy. The pain you are feeling could as result from adhesions or scar tissue which forms as part of the recovery process. It could also be because of ovulation pains as many women feel ovulation pains when they did not before. It might also be as a result of heightened awareness after your ordeal.

To assist, you could keep a pain diary too - when you experience the pain and where, its intensity and anything that helps like rest or pain relief, and noting when your period starts. You can also speak to your doctors sooner, taking these notes with you a GP appointment and the details will help your doctors best manage your symptoms. It is always better to get checked out to be on the safe side.

Be well and know we are here for you.

With good wishes,


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