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Ideas of what to do with fetal tissue/remains

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Ideas of what to do with fetal tissue/remains

Post by Choufleur83 »

Other than having the hospital handle a communal cremation and memorial service, another option I was given was to handle the remains privately. Any ideas as to what I can do with the remains if I opt to handle the remains privately? From online research, it looks like there won’t be any ashes since it was before 12 weeks? Are there any way to preserve the remains? We live abroad and one idea I thought was to be able to take the remains back to my home country to bury on some land we own.

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Re: Ideas of what to do with fetal tissue/remains

Post by Kitkat99 »

I can share what we did. It may help? It may not be right for you... we held a little cremation in our back garden. Just a fire built of apple and cherry sticks, a glass of wine, some music and we both said some words: wishes, regrets, goodbyes... The box was made of a glossed card and burnt fast. I didn't have to see anything horrible. We felt a bit silly at the time saying actual out loud words to a tiny, plain box but I'm glad now, over a year later. I definitely wasn't in touch with the depth of my feeling at the time. It came later for me so I'm glad we took the time and space to mark a life changing (for me) event. I have a sweet moment to look back on and remember we did right for that little soul. We did our best.
Whatever you do will be the right choice at the time. Sending love xxx

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