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Brown discharge TMI apologies!

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Brown discharge TMI apologies!

Post by Steffi_89 »

Hi guys me again!

Im 2 weeks post methotrexate and so far not needed another dose *fingers crossed* i have more bloods tomorrow as my liver function wasnt great after my dose of MTX so they are just rechecking and making sure my hormones are still coming down (was 61 last week)

The past 3-4 days ive noticed my bleeding has stopped completely so no need for sanitary towels but i have this awful brown discharge when i wipe, now when reading its a sign of rupture but i have no other symptoms at all, in fact i feel the best i have done after whats happened, so no pain sickness etc.

Has anyone experienced this? Should i be worried?

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Re: Brown discharge TMI apologies!

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Dear Steffi_89,
It is not unusual for women to bleed after treatment for ectopic pregnancy. This first bleed after treatment is a response to falling hormone levels and involves shedding of the uterine lining and is not classed as a period. The length of the bleeding can vary from woman to woman and some women do report spotting and bleeding for up to around six weeks after an ectopic pregnancy. The discharge you are describing could be linked to this and while this is usually nothing to worry about, if you find that the bleeding increases so that you are soaking more than a pad in an hour or have offensive smelling discharge or body temperature of more than 37°C, please do get medical attention as these could be signs of infection. Unfortunately I am not medically trained so would advise speaking to your Dr if you are concerned.
Sadly I do have to remind you that if you experience any abdominal pain shoulder tip pain or feel dizzy and unwell please seek urgent medical advice.
Sending much love,
Karen x

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