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Need reassurance - just found out I'm pregnant!

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Need reassurance - just found out I'm pregnant!

Post by dwinky95 »

Okay, so I'm having such mixed emotions right now.

I had an ectopic in February this year. It was sorted with methotrexate and after it was safe to do so, myself and my partner took the look of well now what will be will be in regards to me getting pregnant again.

Well by October it still hadn't happened, my best friend was 16 weeks pregnant at the time and I was getting a bit frustrated with it all. So, October we took things more seriously, and actually started to try properly. We were both so tired from work but (and sorry for TMI here :roll: ) we made sure we were trying every other night. We did this for 2 weeks solidly and I had a really bad pain on my right side. Now this was the side I had my ectopic and it was on the day that I worked out my ovulation would be.

So anyway, we calmed down a bit. And this last Saturday it was my nephews 1st Birthday! We travelled for 2 hours to go to his party. But half way through the journey so about 1130am I started to feel sick. Now that was on and off all day, but I had done a test first thing in the morning and it was negative, so I just put it down to the travelling and getting warm in the house later that day. Now that sickness has been on and off ever since, but this morning I felt awful! My partner came home from work today and I was curled up on the sofa. At about 12 today we decided to go out suit shopping for my other half for a wedding were going to in a couple of weeks. Because of how I felt I decided to do another test with him sat there waiting...

I've never seen a positive line come up so quickly! I called him, I was crying happy tears and couldn't even say anything so he had to go and get the test and look himself... and he was shocked to say the least :lol:

So I'm 5 weeks 3 days and obviously I'm so over the moon, but at the same time so scared and nervous that I'm going to go through of all of this again. I'm sure it will be fine as I haven't had any pains like before but it's still at the back of my head. Please can someone reassure me! (I am booked in with my EPU for a scan next Thursday, it is one of the first things I did!)

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Re: Need reassurance - just found out I'm pregnant!

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Hi dwinky95,

Whispered congratulations on your pregnancy. After all, you've been through, its very normal to feel anxious about becoming pregnant following an ectopic pregnancy. I remember how nervous I was when I first fell pregnant following my ectopic pregnancy, and please be reassured that you have friends here who understand.

It is good to hear that you have booked into the EPU, as hopefully, that will provide some early reassurance. I know it may be difficult to do, but the best thing is to listen to your body. If it is tired, take time to rest. Be mindful of your symptoms, write them down if needed, and certainly, if any pain causes you concern, please contact your GP or A&E.

With good wishes,


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