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Ectopic self resolving - taking weeks for hcg to reduce

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Ectopic self resolving - taking weeks for hcg to reduce

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Hi, Recently told I had ectopic and after having regular blood tests, they’ve left it to self-resolve as hcg is reducing but v slowly. It’s been almost 4wks and hcg is 156 (was 647 4wks ago). Anyone else take a while for hcg to disappear? x

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Re: Ectopic self resolving - taking weeks for hcg to reduce

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I'm very sorry to hear that you are suffering an ectopic pregnancy and loss. It's positive that you are being looked after through blood tests and that your levels are continuing to drop. I know the waiting can be frustrating. As a general rule, as long as your hCG levels are dropping between blood tests, your doctors will continue to monitor you and manage you expectantly. It can take anything between 2 weeks, and sometimes as long as 3 months, for your hCG levels to fall back to a non-pregnant level. But for most women, hCG levels have reached below 5<mIU/mL within around 4 weeks.

It's important to continue looking after yourself as you levels are not yet to non-pregnant levels. The Trust advises to avoid strenuous exercise or lifting heavy weights while the hCG levels are dropping and until your levels have fallen to non-pregnant levels. You should also avoid sexual intercourse until your hormone levels are back down to non-pregnant levels.

While I don't want to cause you more anxiety, it's also important to monitor for symptoms of a deteriorating ectopic pregnancy which include increased pain levels; vaginal bleeding; shortness of breath; feeling faint and/or pain in the tip of the shoulder among others. If you suffer any of these symptoms, you will need to be reassessed. Your hospital will have given you a number to contact for health advice if you feel that anything is changing or you will have been told to report to the Accident and Emergency department.

As you go through this process, please know these boards are a safe space. You are welcome here anytime and for as long as you need.

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