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Post by Hope2019 »

I am 33, finally got pregnant for the first time, and was 7 weeks pregnant when I found out it was ectopic and had to have emergency surgery as it was at risk of rupturing. The fetus had a heartbeat. In the space of fifteen minutes, I got told I had an ectopic pregnancy, that my baby would be removed, my right tube would be removed, and I was at risk of dying if I did not consent to immediate surgery.
I woke up a few hours later without my right tube and without a baby. This was my very first pregnancy. I feel very abnormal and alone. Reading some of the other stories on here helped me to feel that this has happened to other people (although I do not know anyone in person that this has happened to except myself), but it just brought on more negative feelings overall. It feels like hopeless stories like mine.
I am so worried about not being able to ever have a baby, and I am already 33 and with a low egg count (I had fertility tests run before, but no fertility treatment - yet). It would help very much if anyone out there had success stories of women in their 30s that went on to successfully conceive and give birth with only one tube after an ectopic. My parents and husband say I need to remain positive, but with the stats in front of me this is very hard at the moment...

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Re: what? Any success stories?

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Hi Hope2019,

I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss. I know what a worrying and emotional time this can be. It is very normal to have a range of emotions and you deserve all the time to look after yourself. There is no need to rush decision making, as the most important thing is your healing. I had two ectopic pregnancies in my 30s, one tube gone, one ruptured uterus, and have gone on to conceive naturally.

Generally, when a person has only one fallopian tube and both ovaries, they are still able to get pregnant from an egg at the opposite ovary as an egg from one ovary can travel down the tube on the other side. The fallopian tubes are not attached to the ovaries and, at the point of ovulation, some very delicate structures called the fimbriae to begin to move gently creating a slight vacuum to suck the egg toward the end of the tube it is nearest to (like lots of little fingers waving and drawing the egg towards it). So, if you have only one tube then there is only one set of receptors working and one set of fimbriae creating a vacuum and so the egg is much more likely to find its way to that tube, whichever ovary it is produced from. Conservative estimates suggest that an egg produced in the tubeless side manages to descend the remaining tube around 15 to 20% of the time.

While generally, it is possible to conceive after an ectopic pregnancy, the amount of time it takes varies from couple to couple. Factors include age, general health, reproductive health and how often you have sex, among other things. It may be comforting to know that 65% of women are successfully pregnant within 18 months of experiencing an ectopic pregnancy and some studies suggest this rises to around 85% after two years. It's fine if you wish to continue to monitor your ovulation, however, in terms of TTC, the Trust recommend having regular sex, which means having sex every 2/3 days throughout the month. Guidance from the UK's National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence advises that having sex around the time when the woman ovulates causes stress and is not recommended. We here at the EPT suggest having intercourse 2/3 times between days 10-20 of their cycle when trying to conceive.

Making the decision to begin trying to conceive is an emotional rollercoaster compounded by our sad loss. Again, you are not alone. We here emotional support whenever you need us.

With good wishes,


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Re: what? Any success stories?

Post by Alison1983 »

Hi, I am in the same position as I had my left Fallopian tube removed few weeks ago, I am always feeling down & heartbroken too. So here if need to talk.

Alison x

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Re: what? Any success stories?

Post by nd2626 »

I had an ectopic last year with my left tube removed. I gave birth to my rainbow baby 4 weeks ago and fell pregnant with my remaining tube. Like you I was really worried about my age and Also having one tube left. Remain positive and don’t focus on the stats as this will get you down try and remain positive by thinking about your end goal.

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