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Self-resolved ectopics please share stories

This is a welcoming place for you to ask your questions and share your knowledge and experiences of ectopic pregnancy.
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Self-resolved ectopics please share stories

Post by ingle »

Hi everyone,
I'm just now recovering from a self-resolving ectopic. I was 6+2 when i started having severe pains. Went in for a scan and they found ectopic but decided on Expectant Management because the baby was so small. Took my blood, was in initially only 158, and yesterday was 114... so looks like it is resolving on its own.

I am very concerned about how this will resolve.. does anyone have experience with self-resolution of ectopic? How long does it take for all the cells to clear out of the tube? Is it more likely to happen again since I will be able to keep my tubes? Most stories I read are about people who have lost a tube and/or took the injections. I had neither but am beginning to be more worried because I may have a very faulty tube.
Honestly, I have felt twinges in the same lower right side for several months, before even having the ectopic. I would appreciate any information on this as my husband and I would like to try to conceive again as soon as possible but we're very worried about the chances of a 2nd EP.

Thank you.

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Re: Self-resolved ectopics please share stories

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear ingle,
I'm so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss,
This maybe a little difficult to read so please take time reading it and feel free to ask any further questions
With treatment for ectopic pregnancy through expectant management, when the pregnancy is ended, the whole pregnancy sac including any cells that might have grown into a baby is usually reabsorbed by the body. This is normal and happens in many cases of miscarriage. This process can take weeks and sometimes months. In some cases, the Fallopian tube may remain blocked and take time to shrink, there is no time frame for how long this takes. Sometimes the tissue can separate and be passed through the vaginal bleeding that occurs. The bleeding that follows an ectopic pregnancy can be very heavy and clotty and result in the passing of what we call a decidual cast. This decidual cast is the lining of the uterus when we are pregnant. The sudden drop in hormones can cause the material inside the uterus to be shed in layers and the material that is passed can be grey, pink or white as well as appear like a clot or dark or frank red blood. Women can often mistake it for the tissue of their baby which can cause worry but it is important to remember that it is a normal process for the uterus lining to be shed.

With regards to trying to conceive, the chances of a further ectopic after a first in UK is 10%. So that's 90% chance of the embryo being in right place next time.
While generally it is possible to conceive after an ectopic pregnancy, the amount of time it takes varies from couple to couple. Factors include age, general health, reproductive health and how often you have sex, among other things. It may be comforting to know that 65% of women are successfully pregnant within 18 months of experiencing an ectopic pregnancy and some studies suggest this rises to around 85% after two years. You have mentioned that you have a faulty tube, we do not have access to your medical records so I would advise speaking to your GP or ask to be referred to a fertility specialist to discuss this further.
In terms of chances of future successful pregnancies, studies do not show a significant difference between treatment routes, whether surgical, medical using methotrexate or expectant management (allowing time for the body to resolve the pregnancy itself).

It is normal to feel anxious about the future. We experience a mix of emotions from wanting to try again to being petrified of what may lie ahead. We never forget but we can learn to accept what happened. It is a slow process that might be weeks or months ahead. In time, we can get to a place where we feel comfortable trying again. When this is, is individual for each person. There is no timeframe for recovery, take each day as it comes.
Importantly early scans avail. As soon as you know you are pregnant, contact your local EPU to inform them and book in for an early scan at around six weeks. Remind them of your previous ectopic pregnancy. This self refer route is the best route in our view. Hopefully you will have some comfort to know you are under the radar of medical professionals right away.
As a gentle reminder regarding conceiving again, we and many medical professionals advise waiting for two menstrual cycles once your hCG levels are back to pre pregnancy levels. It is important to allow time for your body to recover and emotions to surface and be worked through. This is so that you have some comfort that your body is returning to its natural rhythm and you have a last menstrual period date from which to date a new pregnancy - key information in checking you are not suffering from an ectopic pregnancy in the future. The first bleed soon after surgery for ectopic pregnancy is not classed as a period as it is the body's response to falling hormone levels.

Sending much love,
Karen x
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Re: Self-resolved ectopics please share stories

Post by EctopicPUL »

Hey sorry I don't check the boards as regularly now but like you I wanted stories of expectant management. I did post my story in Dec last year but I started around 375 and it took 2 months of growing then shrinking for it to resolve

Had some pains after which when I saw a consultant gynae we realised whilst despite the pill having blocked ovulation before the ectopic, I was ovulating through it for several months and getting painful cysts. This wasn't directly about the ectopic but what I would say is it can change your system a bit overall and painful ovulation is not unusual (whichever treatment plan you have).

I believe the stats on reoccurrance are around the same.

I had the decidual cast experience and I also passed some tissue later on in the 2 months after which my HCG dropped more regularly.

Don't worry, you're not alone! It's hard to find fellow expectant management patients but we are out there x

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