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Post by Lea1983 »

So.... post 6 weeks after right felopian tube and pregnancy taken in operation.. I had the post bleed. That was October 22nd..
Nothing since!
I have done a pregnancy test which is negative. Been having sex but using the withdrawal method...
does it normally happen that it’s not frequent after the operation? Thanks all

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Re: Periods

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Hi Lea1983,

I'm so sorry to hear that you've suffered an ectopic pregnancy and loss. Your surgery is still quite recent, and it is incredibly important to look after yourself and allow time for yourself to heal both physically and emotionally.

Many women experience changes to their menstrual cycles after an ectopic pregnancy and it can take some time to settle back into a rhythm that is more usual for you. Periods can be heavier or lighter or more painful than before - as we are so individual there isn't necessarily a set pattern. Doctors consider menstrual cycles of between 23-42 days to be within normal parameters and, if you find that you are not within these sorts of timeframes, it would be a good idea to speak to your doctors just to be on the safe side.

As I'm not medically qualified, I would recommend making a list of questions to take to your follow up appointment. As well, if you have immediate concerns you can always speak with your doctor sooner for peace of mind.

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Re: Periods

Post by Ausgirl1 »


I am sorry to hear what you went through. It can be really scary when you’re unsure what your body is doing.

I too had an ectopic pregnancy in August. Just to help you I had my right tube removed on Aug 21 and didn’t get my period until about Sept 26th. What they told me is that you have to wait for the HCG levels to get to 0 before your cycle starts again. For example I bleed until Sept 1st (10 days) after operation so that’s when my cycle started again. I too was really worried, but that’s what I was told. I hope that’s a little helpful. But it’s always worth talking to a gynaecologist.

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