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Pain 4 weeks after surgery for ectopic

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Pain 4 weeks after surgery for ectopic

Post by Stacey1282 »

Hi there everyone. Just looking for some advice from anyone who may have experienced the same symptoms as me. I had laparoscopy for ruptured ectopic on the 26th Oct so just over 4 weeks ago now. I had a tube removed. The last week or so I’ve been getting sharp shooting pains mainly on the remaining tube side occasionally on the other side. I am also convinced my stomach is bloated. Before my ectopic pregnancy I was quite aware of when I was ovulating as would feel the one shooting pain on either side. But now this pain is happening a good few times everyday so not sure if it’s my body ovulating or something else is going on. I have an appt with my Gp on Tuesday but just wondered if anyone else had the same sort of pain after ectopic and surgery.

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Re: Pain 4 weeks after surgery for ectopic

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear Stacey1282,
I'm so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss,
Experiencing some pain after an ectopic pregnancy is normal as your body has been through a great deal over the last few months. The pain may be due to adhesions (scar tissue that binds two parts of the body together) which form and take some time to settle. Your body may be preparing to ovulate and many women experience ovulation pain when they did not before their ectopic pregnancy - including myself. You also may have a heightened perception because of the sad loss that you have had to go through.

As a gentle reminder, experiencing an ectopic pregnancy is a huge ordeal and you are in the early stages of recovery. Your body needs time to heal from your surgery which is in itself a gruelling task. You have also had to process the loss of your baby and been through an immense rollercoaster of emotions - all of this will take time to come to terms with.

You should take it very easily for about six weeks after surgery. Your body will be using its energies to heal internally. It is normal to feel physically and emotionally exhausted during this time and please do be kind to yourself. Recovery can take time and some days will be better than others, one day you maybe ok and the next you maybe in discomfort or more emotional. This is perfectly usual and the healing process will go back and forth in this way for however long you need. It is important to listen to your body's signals and pain and feeling tired are your body's signs to tell you to rest. We suggest keeping a healthy balanced diet, drinking lots of water and resting. Once your wounds have healed, very gentle exercise such as a short walk can help, but please do take this slowly.

It is good to hear that you have an appointment to discuss this with your GP, I suggest keeping a pain diary noting when the pain appears, the intensity on a scale of 0-10 and anything that helps the pain eg resting, hot water bottle, paracetamol etc. Visiting your doctors with this information helps them to assess how best to manage your symptoms.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: Pain 4 weeks after surgery for ectopic

Post by Alison1983 »

Hiya, I also had my left tube removed 4 weeks on Saturday there. I am also receiving pains on my left side but I heard that you can get pains and that as your body is still recovering. I just hope that it will eventually ease off.

Alison x

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